1974-06-15 - London, UK
Rock Festival - "The Concert Program" broadcast
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1974-06-15 - London, UK - fm (33m)
Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, Andrew Latimer, Andy Ward

1) White Rider  (9:59) *
2) Liggin' At Louis (6:25) **
3) Lady Fantasy (12:17) ***
4) Arubaluba (5:05)

* "...They're undertaking a major tour of the country and I'm very glad that they kept tonight free to be with us on The Concert Program, please welcome Camel".
** "Lineup of Camel is as follows: Andy Latimer on guitar and vocals, Peter Bardens on keyboards, Andy Ward drums and Doug Ferguson on bass and that's Camel".
*** "...Next week we're gonna have Barclay James Harvest in concert but now it's back to Camel for one final number Arubaluba".

Source: No lineage.
[Camel - 1974-06-15 - Rock Festival - London, England] Shared as torrent on Dime by Long Tall Eric.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show and recording listed on Scottstrades website.
Stereo fm recording.

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