1978-10-31 - New York, NY
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1978-10-31 - New York, NY - The Bottom Line - Early show - fm (72m)
Percy Jones, Morris Pert, Peter Robinson, Mike Miller, Mike Clark, John Goodsall

1) The Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge? (18:04)
2) Earth Dance? (14:07)

3) Black Moon (8:46) *
4) Nuclear Burn (12:07) **
5) Deadly Nightshade (19:53)

* "...Are you all having a very good Halloween...?
** "Those of you familiar with earlier Brand X albums will recognize this tune...". Band intro: "Morris Pert, Percy Jones, Mike Clark, Mike Miller, myself".

Info: no lineage.
[Brand X NY Bottom Line 1978] Flac set from private download.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on Scotttrades.
Stereo fm recording.

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