1977-06-18 - Oxford, UK
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1977-06-18 - Oxford, UK - Polytechnic - aud (45m)
Tim Blake

1) intro - ? (18:46) *
2) ? (12:59)
3) ? (13:46) **

* Tim Blake apologizes for the delay.
** [Cut at 0:26 with overlap from previous track]. Diginoises at 8:12, 9:27 10:43. [Cut].

Source: Traded CDR.
[blake oxford] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's - Trader's Little Helper detects lossy source.
This circulates incorrectly labeled as February 2nd 1977 and also with the Here & Now set.

Date and venue confirmed by show witness.
Show listed on Dave Weller's Here & Now website (incorrectly dated as Feb. 2nd 1977, only Here & Now listed).

Recallections on this show from the Gong Forum Here & Now.
Memories from Geoff on the Planet Gong forum:

"I wonder whether memories are getting hazy (!).
or maybe there were two gigs, unlikely i think.
my recollection of the oxford poly gig was spring 77. here and now were top of the bill, with daevid guesting. this was the first time to my knowledge that daevid played with here and now on stage. the set was a here and now set, no daevid/gong stuff at all. tim blake was support. visitor 2035 were not there. the gig was a benefit for stonehenge festival. june sounds very late, stonehenge 77 was going well by the second week of june, and here and now would have been there. also have a memory of lugging tape recorders to the gig in the dark, which would fit feb better than june. a google search for here and now oxford 1977 just gave me a page of a hawkwind ite which dates the gig as 2nd feb.
at the start of tim’s set he says 'we just got in from paris' as an excuse/reason for being so late setting up his gear. his set was a big disappointment, with technical troubles which apparently plagued all the (few) dates he did in spring 77. i think most of the problems were with the pa, which was here and nows ansd notorious for making loud farting bass noises at inappropriate times.
i recall at one point wandering down to the stage - the hall was by no means full (it was a good size hall, oxford poly, the only decent venue for alternative bands in oxford) - to watch steffy and daevid glissing together. as usual steffe was playing so loud that he was not put through the PA and i very nearly gave up on the taping at that point, as i thought we had a line from the mixer. it was only at the end of the gig that i realised that we had been given a line from some mikes, presumably annie's. a sweet moment indeed.
as far as i know, all the tapes in circulation came from ours. if so, there is a wobble to the sound and an obvious glitch in the track which follows the alibaba riff, about 45 minutes into the set. i think there is a bit missing where the reel of tape was changed.
i have no recollection of acidica playing at the gig.
what i do remember is undoubtedly the best gig i ever attended".

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