1977-11-08 - Bolton, UK
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1977-11-08 - Bolton, UK - Albert Hall - aud (81m) (2cd) speed corrected
Daevid Allen, KifKif Le Batteur, Steffe Sharpstrings, Keith Th'Bass, Gavin Da Blitz, Suze Da Bluze, Ano Wombat


Disc 1:

1) Psychological Overture (1:17)
2) Floating Anarchy (5:31)
3) I've Bin Stone Before (3:51)
4) Dynamite / I Am Your Animal > Our Fathers > Dynamite (13:12)
5) Pretty Miss Titty (4:54)
6) Stone Inno (3:46)
7) New Age Transformation Try (11:11)
8) Allez Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit and / or (then) Mama Maya Mantram (14:06)
9) Where The Little Mushrooms Grow > Addicted (9:24)
10) Opium For The People (6:22)

Disc 2:

1) You Can't Kill Me (8:09)

Source: Dime torrent download (flac)> wav (retracked, speed corrected, volume boost, edit)> flac.
Stereo audience recording by Neil Corkindale, "one of Manchesters greatest bootlegers in the early/mid 70's".
[Planet Gong 1977-11-08 Bolton, UK (speed corrected)]
Speed correct substitute of seed and reseed by Twosheds, shared as torrent on Dime by Maclen.

Date and venue confirmed by Twosheds (show witness).
Wolf Thandoy mentions this Bolton show in his now offline website (no date). Calyx lists Planet Gong Bolton 1978-04-03 (no Allen then).

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