1988-02-07 - Monkton Wylde Court, UK
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1988-02-07 - Monkton Wylde Court (Devon), UK - aud (79m)
Daevid Allen, Wandana Bruce, Elliett Mackrell, Sheena Johnstone, Lydia Lite

1) Deva Invocations: Earth / Fire / Water / Air > Magick In The Circle (19:10)
Negotiate / We Circle Around (16:13)
3) Bom Bom Bolo > White Doves > Let Me Be One (14:09)
4) Garden Song
5) HeartSong (7:57) *
6) I Am My Own Lover (10:27)

* Featuring a coda which is not present on other versions of this song.

Source: unknown, traded disc.
[Daevid Allen 1988.02.07 Monkton Wylde Court, Dorset, UK] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by Gilberto.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
IOCT lineup on PlanetGong (end of March to June 1988) suggest that this show might actually predate IOCT UK.
Needs speed correction.

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