DAEVID ALLEN & pickup group
2000-10-07 - Ann Arbor, MI
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2000-10-07 - Ann Arbor, MI - Firefly Club - aud (73m)
Daevid Allen,
Trevor Watts, Marc Parnell, Colin McKenzie, Toby Summerfield

1) band intro (2:20) *
2) The Atom (13:17)
3) Who's Afraid
(11:54) **
4) Ocean In The Distance / Crocodile Nonsense Poem (9:25)
5) Bye Bye (11:30) ***
6) Jungle Strut (8:08) $
7) I've Bin Stoned Before (2:24) =
8) Dynamite (14:50) +

* Band intro by emcee (Marc Parnell, Colin McKenzie, Trevor  Watts, Toby Sommerville, Daevid Allen).
** "...A song which we did with a band called Brainville which consisted of Hugh Hopper & Chris Cutler...".
*** "...It's called ehr something like 'Bye Bye' From Kramer".
$ "So we're gonna go deep into the jungle (...) from Moiree" (Watts, McKenzie, Parnell).
= "We have to do the last song now (...) Gong freaks...anybody here?
+ "Trevor Watts on sax
ophone, Colin McKenzie on bass, Marc Parnell on drums, Toby Summerfield on guitar...".

Source: Traded CDR (EAC log included) > wav > retracked and normalized > flac.
[Daevid Allen & pickup group - 2000-10-07 Ann Arbor, MI - Firefly Club] Shared as torrent on Dime by Maclen.
Stereo audience recording by Mark Mayhall.
This show has not been seeded before on Dime. Enjoy!

No SBE's - True lossless source.
Show listed on Calyx website.

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