1999-04-28? - Tel Aviv, IS
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1999-04-28? - Tel Aviv, IS - aud (62m)
Daevid Allen & Graham Clark (with tapes)

1) Dear Friends - Negotiate > High Points (13:52) *
2) Brothers (8:52)
She (7:59)
4) False Teacher > gliss violin improv  > Quit Yr Bullshit (15:03) **
5) "Tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock I'm giving a lecture" (1:37)
6) Magick Brother (7:13)
7) White Doves (8:23)

* "Shalom".
** [Cut].

Source: Traded CDR.
[Tel Aviv] Received as cdr in private mail trade.
No SBE's. Trader's little helper detects source as lossy.
Unknown date and venue. Full Moon gig. Lunar calendar shows full moon on April 30th....
PlanetGong website lists a show in Jaffa, Israel on April 30th.
Udi Koomran: "The show was on the 26 and the lecture was the 30th - if my memory is corrrect - I did the sound for that show but I did not record it -
The next day I did record 3 songs and the lecture".

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