1996-05-26 - Brighton, UK
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1996-05-26 - Brighton, UK - Concorde Bar - aud (76m)
Daevid Allen, Graham Clark

1) intro rap (3:05) *
2) Titicaca (3:39)
3) She Doesn't She...
(1:02) **
4) Let It All Go (8:19) ***
5) Came To Find You (6:47)
6) My Penis Is Ageing (5:04) $
7) I Love Sex But (3:04)
8) The Rapist (5:19)
9) Magick In The Circle (8:14)
10) Tali's Birthday Song (5:18)
11) Where Have All The Flowers Gone
(9:33) =
12) White Doves (7:27) +
13) I Am As Old As The Universe / She Doesn't She... (9:11) &

* Starts with music on P.A. Daevid's bizarre intro: "...Be right on...be right...B-right-on".
** Unlike on "Good Morning" the verses are not sung here.
*** "Came To Find You" start is teased but Daevid stops and introduces "Let It All Go".
$ "...And they said about me that the wrinkles around his eyes are now so deep they've turned into muscles".
= "This is a song that was actually written to Didier Malherbe who's better known as Bloomdido Bad De Gras".
+ Graham Clark violin".
& "Has anybody heard of a band called 'Heathens All'? Yeah, good. This is a song of theirs we're gonna do...".
- "Old As The Universe" interspersed with "She Doesn't She..." (no verses).

Source: Traded CDR (EAC log included) > wav > balanced, retracked and normalized > flac.
The recording is Dave Weller's original audience DAT.

[Daevid Allen & Graham Clark - 1996-05-26 Brighton, UK - Concord Bar] from Dave Weller, flac set shared as torrent on Dime by Maclen.
No SBE's - True lossless source.
Date and venue confirmed by Dave Weller's Here & Now website.

Stereo audience recording.

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