1980-08-21 - Santa Cruz, CA
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1980-08-21 - San Diego, CA - University Of California San Diego - Walk's Place - show only - aud (89m) (2cd) cassette master
Daevid Allen (solo with tapes)

Disc 1:

1) Preface > SQ Invocation (9:15)
2) When (8:03)
3) Well > Bell > Boon > Dab(5:17) *
4) Gay (2:20)
5) Poet For Sale (4:09)
6) I Am A Freud (2:50) **
7) Fastfather (5:05)
8) Disguise (1:08)
9) Captain Shaw And Mr. Gilbert (1:20)
10) Gordon's burp (0:06) ***
11) Big Daddy (3:33)
12) tape break (0:04)

Disc 2:

1) Poems To Pop Stars: Poem to Kevin Ayers > Robert Wyatt > Bill Bruford > Terry Riley (7:09)
2) Sex Is A Careless Sea / Euterpe Gratitude Piece > Death Of Rock (12:09)
3) Tally's Birthday Song (4:39)
4) Pearls > Bodigas (3:37)
5) Froghello (2:09)
6) Strong Woman (4:35)
7) Smile - Afraid (11:01)
8) applause (0:36)

* "Boon": With lyrics: "Body don't stop me, don't stop me, not now".
** "How many schizofrenics are there here?".
*** Michael Cariola (taper):
Gordon came over to my table and burped into my microphone between songs".

Source: cassette master > cdr (Tascam CDRW 750) > wav (EAC) > flac.
Original stereo audience recording by Michael Cariola.
[Daevid Allen - San Diego - 1980-08-21] Received as cdr gift in private mail trade.
No SBE's - TLH analysis

Show listed on ubCo Archives website.
unknown gen version from dAS (hissier but complete with soundcheck) was previously shared by Maclen.

"I just transfered my Daevid Allen Clockwork band from San Diego 8-21-80. I have the master tape for that show. I borrowed a friends hi-end Maranztz stereo recorder with an at the time $1,100.00 stereo microphone. I asked Daevid if I could record the show and he said I could even plug into his mixer if I wanted. I did not have the proper cables so I declined and recorded it a few feet from the stage. Only 29 persons showed up. Daevid even came out into the audience and spoke directly into my microphone at one point. Another friend also recorded it with a walkman but it's not nearly as good. I enjoyed listening to it again after 30 years". (Michael Cariola from personal email).

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