1971-02-07 - London, UK
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1971-02-07 - London, UK - Roundhouse - aud (45m) torrent
Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Gerry Fields, Archie Legget, Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean

1) intro > The Switch Doctor (4:48) *
2) Prostitute Poem / Glad To Sad To Say (3:34) **

3) Poet For Sale (2:25)
4) The Switch Doctor / improvisation (5:47) ***
5) Love Is A Careless Sea (3:36) $
6) I Am Your Animal / Goldilox (4:46) =
7) The Switch Doctor (1:41)
8) Cpt. Shaw And Mr. Gilbert (1:17) +
9) I Am Your Fantasy (4:49)
10) Fred The Fish (2:20)
11) Death Of Rock (10:29) ?

* [Cuts in on Daevid's intro]. "The Switch Doctor" tape played.
** Prostitute Poem" recited by Gilli over "Glad To Sad To Say".
*** Improvisation performed over "The Switch Doctor" tape ("Come with me") + other tape.
$ Aka "Sex Is A Careless Sea". "...Robert...Robert...".
= Goldilox is an early version of "Dynamite".
+ Performed live by Daevid with tape.
? Audience member shouts: "Get off!". Daevid: "Get off yourself".

Source: Traded CDR > wav (original EAC log included) > retracked > flac.
[Daevid Allen & Friends 1971-02-07 London, UK] Shared as torrent on Dime by Maclen.
Another circulating version from torrent download was detected as lossy.

Date and venue confirmed by show ad (above) and Daevid Allen's "Gong Dreaming 2" book (p. 102).
Show listed on
PlanetGong and Calyx: (also: Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers & The Whole World, Elton Dean Quartet, Symbiosis, Ivor Cutler, Ralph McTell).
Soft Machine's set also circulates.

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