"Waterfalls In Space"


(OT10 on GAS list)
1982 reissue

Cassette-only release
Total time: 55:43

Side 1: (27:05)

1) Lighthouse / New Jerusalem
2) New Jerusalem / Crystal Island
3) ?

Side 2: (28:38)

1) Indian Tracks
2) Improvisation
3) Lighthouse

Copyright on cassette:


All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance,broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. 1982

Notes & details:

Tracks are not listed on cover (not listed on first 1979 issue as well).

- Lighthouse into New Jerusalem seamlessly.
- New Jerusalem into Crystal Island back to New Jerusalem. Includes quote from "Eat That Phone Book".
- ?: blues impro with harmonica and vocal. Here it is cut to 1 min. Longer on GAS 1979
first issue (lasting 3 min.).
- Indian Tracks: quotes from Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Lotus Feet" (confirmed by Tim) and S. Hillage's "Aftaglid".
- Lighthouse: a short instrumental reprise.


Tim Blake
Jean Philippe Rykiel

Recorded in 1978. Rehearsals for Japanese tour.
"The tape features Tim & Jean-Phillipe improvising madly, during rehersals for the Japan New Jerusalem Tour." (Tim's words).

Waterfalls In Space was released in 1979 without Tim's approval, appearing for sale on Essential GAS 1979 list:
"Waterfalls was a pirate, I stopped it, but will probably bring out a cd from the digital version J-P has". Tim Blake Dec 2005.

This 1982 Ottersongs reissue appeared for sale on Whats Going On Gas 82 magazine.
My copies have green inlay, white Ottersongs labels and no catalogue number.

- green card inlay, unique "Waterfalls" side 1 label, white Ottersongs (trees) side 2 label - 1982
- lighter green paper inlay, unique "Waterfalls" side 1 label, white Ottersongs (footprints) side 2 label -

   Ottersongs (see scans of my copies below).

It was never issued on lp or cd. You can download "Waterfalls In Space" from Tim Blake's official website.

(Some info taken from PlanetGong Forum, Calyx website and Hawk Hawkwind site).

Cassette labels (Ottersongs trees)

Cassette labels (Ottersongs footprints)




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