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Cassette-only release
Total time: 41:12

Side 1: (18:52)

1) Bigots (McNicol)
2) Tanks (McNicol)
3) Tiren Farport (McNicol)
4) Hello My Son (Yeates)
5) High Brown (McNicol)
6) Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (Hanlay / Oliver)
7) National News (McNicol)
8) Sinsemilla (Clark / Crichton / McNicol / Yeates)
9) War (Eve)

Side 2: (22:20)

1) Trial By Headline (David Allen)
2) National News (McNicol)
3) For The River (Liddiard)
4) Exodus (McNicol)
5) Sing Me A Love Song (Clark)
6) Probabilities (McNicol)
7) Schizophrenia (Clark / McNicol)
8) Plutonium Essence (McNicol)
9) Lady Song (Hanlay / Oliver)

Credits on cassette:

Silly Symphony

Recorded at Richmond Recorders and Spring Studios.
Engineered by Harry Williamson
Produced by Harry and Silly Symphony.
Addtl. instruments: Tony Nolan, horns, Lady Song, and Harry, some keyboards.
Graphics by Rosemary Leonard.

Notes & details:

- Subvert The Dominant Paradigm: same version also appearing on The 1988 GAS Tape.
- National News: a different live version appears on Street Poets Vol. 2.
- Sinsemilla: a different version of this song appeared on Street Poets 2: Live At The Metro Cafe GAS tape.
- Trial By Headline: Silly Symphony's own version of this Daevid Allen song. This actually preceded I.O.C.T. Oz.
- For The River: Silly Symphony's version of a song by Brenda Liddiard.
- Schizophrenia: a different version of this song is on Street Poets 2: Live At The Metro Cafe GAS tape.
- Lady Song: Mother Gong's version on Robot Woman 3 used the same backing track and some of the vocals.

Silly Symphony:
Bruce McNicol
Lisa Yeates
Souza Clark

This was a self produced tape included in GAS sale list; no GAS or Ottersongs logo appear on cover or label.
No label is stuck on the cassette; it has hand written titles.
I got my signed copy from Bruce McNicol. Apparently he still has copies of this tape:

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