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Cassette-only release
Total time: 49:59

Side 1: (25:33)

1) Vibrations Side 1

Side 2: (24:26)

1) Vibrations Side 2

Notes & details:

- Various bits from this tape can also be found on MotherGong & Dave Sawyer's Words Fail Me GAS tape.
- some backing tracks used in "Elephants And Tigers" on Mother Gong's
Robot Woman 2.
- a different mix of backing tracks for "Crazy Town" on Mother Gong's
Robot Woman 2.
- a different mix of MotherGong "13/8" (Words Fail Me), later on The Mystery And The History Of Planet G**G.

This cassette appeared for sale from Ottersongs - GAS on Whats Going On Gas 82 magazine.

It was meant as a sonic illustration for David Sawyer's book on instrument making:
David Sawyer - Vibrations: Making Unorthodox Musical Instruments (Paperback)
Cambridge University Press (Dec 22 1977)

13/8 recorded during studio rehearsals for 1981 Glastonbury Festival. Voices added later (note on Histories & Mysteries).
The notes on Demi Monde version say it was recorded at Foel but Harry Williamson's notes on Voiceprint CD suggest it's from a session at Ox's Cross (Devon).

Recorded Winter 1981/82
source: PlanetGong website and Robot Woman 2 notes).
"Robot Woman 2" cover gives  no precise date for the sessions but notes and credits suggest the album was recorded from Winter 1981 to beginning of Summer 1982 (Didier's overdubs done around the time of Glastonbury '82 Fest with J.P. Rykiel).

Mother Gong:

David Sawyer (all instruments illustrated on tape)
Harry Williamson (alibells, chimes, bass, boos, guitar and vocal)
Guy Evans (drums, flexitone, scrapers, kit, percussion)
Jan Emeric (guitar on 13/8)
Didier Malherbe (flute on 13/8)
Hugh Hopper (bass on 13/8)
Claire Jones (vocal on 13/8)
Chris Kerridge (conch and guitar on "Elephants And Tigers" and "Crazy Town")

Credits on cassette:


Session work, demos, instrument making courses

contact David Sawyer

37 union St. Exeter EX2 9BA Tel. 0392 32959

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