"Daevid Allen Live In USA 79"


(OT5 on GAS list)

Cassette-only release
Total time: 44:21

Side One: (23:12)

1) Zero The Hero *
2) Tropical Fish +
3) I Am A Freud +
4) Master Builder +

Side Two: (21:09)

1) Carthief
2) Melbournebourne
3) Bitter Pillhead
4) We Walk
5) Toy Blues
6) Love Is A Careless Sea
7) Inbetween Us
8) Change The Subject..Life Policy
9) Claptrap
10) I Love My ____
11) Have You Seen My Friend?

Credits on cassette:

Daevid Allen Live In USA 79

Please note there is a lot of tape noise and wind on the master of this recording, but as it was the only copy available we thought you would appreciate having it anyway!

All Kansas except *N YORK MANIFESTIVAL


Bill Bacon
Bill Laswell-bass..
Don Davis-fl+sax..
Mark Cramer..Trombone,keyboards&synths.

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited.

Real time recording
*Otter Songs*

c......0271 890759

Notes & details:

- Zero The Hero: "People Poem"/"Ooby Scooby Dooms Day" coda. 1978-10-08 Manifestival. On NY Ding Dong.
- Tropical Fish
: impro middle part & coda only. No "Selene". Same version as on Gilli's Live In USA 79 GAS tape.
- Melbournebourne
: poem on Book Of Chloroforms, recited at the end of "I Am A Bowl" (Banana Moon).
- Toy Blues:
"Big Daddy" (Dreamin A Dream) "Tokyo Freedom Blues" (Hit Men) "I Don't Wanna Be" (Obscura8).
- Love Is A Careless Sea:
other versions on Allen Trio Live 1963 and Obscura # 9 ("Sex Is A Careless Sea").
- Inbetween us: includes the unlisted poem "Jealousy". Same version on Gilli Smyth's Live In USA 79 GAS tape.
- Change The Subject..Life Policy:
listed as separate tracks. This starts "When" on Dividedalienplaybax80.
- Claptrap
: aka "Ode To Pelvic Inflammatory Desease".
- I Love My ____:
part of this poem can be heard at the end of "Banana Reggae" on Alien In New York.

All recorded in Kansas except track A1, from October 8th 1978 NYC, NY (USA) Zu House (Zu 13 Hour Manifestival).
Kansas City, MO gig May 5th 1979, the day before Lawrence Manifestival (source: Rick Chafen, show organizer).

Lineup of NYGong during 1979 Spring tour at some time also included Cliff Cultreri (gtr), Fred Maher (drm), Michael Beinhorn (syn), Stu Martin (drm). (source: PlanetGong).

This release appeared for sale from Otter Songs (GAS) on G.A.S. - Gong Moving On - Autumn 1981 magazine.
My copy has ivory inlay card (my scan above), white Ottersongs labels and no release date or catalogue number.

It was reissued on cassette (G.A.S. GL6) but never released on LP or CD.

Cassete labels




Thanks to Gilbert for donating his original cassette.

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