"Tape Works"


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Cassette-only release
Total time: 58:13

Side 1:

1) The Switch Doctor (30:56)

Side 2:

1) Deep Sea Glissando (13:15)
Radio Gnome Intro (7:43)
Invisible Opera Intro (3:36)
I Am The Fool (Sung in Catalan) (2:48)

Credits on cassette:

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Notes & details:

- Switch Doctor: broadcast on BBC 3rd programme, Sep 14 1967. Also on The Death Of Rock (cd version only).
Deep Sea Glissando: Deya, SP - 1975-76. Aka "Euterpe Gratitude Piece" on Good Morning. Longer coda here.
Radio Gnome Intro: aka "Radio Gnome Direct Broadcast" on Pre-Modernist Wireless. Partly in "Deep Sea...".
- Includes unlisted "Gong ORFT Invasion 1971", later released on The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances cd.
Invisible Opera Intro: IOCT 1987, partly used live in '89 and aired on "Her Majesty's Voice"
'87 US radio show.
I Am The Fool: Daevid sings in catalan. Same backing track used for Gilli's Mother lp (Moerlen's drum loop).

Several collage bits from "The Switch Doctor" appeared as part of later record releases:

- Starts with BBC speaker introduction which is not on the The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances cd.
- Piano bit later used in "Givin' My Luv To You" on
Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2 - Angels Egg.
- "My Head Is A Nightclub": a version on
Allen Trio Live '63; a verse used in "High Points" (Dreamin' A Dream).
- "What Do You Want?": loop with Gilli Smyth's voice, also used in "Collage Patafisico" on
The Twelve Selves.
- "I have to go now": Hugh Hopper, in "Time Of  Your Life" (
Banana Moon) and "Collage Patafisico" (12 Selves).
- "You Perfect Word":
poem published on
Book Of Chloroforms, recited by Daevid in Spring 1979 L.A. reading.
- "Cpt. Shaw & Mr. Gilbert": also on The Mystery And The History Of Planet G**G and often recited live.
- "From under his tinkered eye her body is a twinge of white magick": poem published on
Book Of Chloroforms.
- "Don't remember": Bill Burroughs ("You Never Existed At All" Death Of Rock and "Collage Patafisico"
12 Selves).

Cassette inlay card is grey with white lettering and has a color artwork rectangle stuck on front cover.
See my scan above.

No release date on cover, it appeared for sale on G.A.S. price list 1990.
Reissued in 1992 as GAS 009 with different cover.
A planned cd in Bananamoon Obscura series (N. 19
- Tapeworks & earpoetry) supposedly includes this material.

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