"Street Poets Vol. 2"


(OT20 on GAS Catalogue)

Cassette-issue only
Total time: 57:08

Side 1:

1) "Not Another Hiroshima" (2:08)
2) A Love Poem / Love (1:01)
3) I Am A Freud - Daevid Allen (1:47)
4) Put Our Hearts Together (2:59)
5) "I Am The Writing On The Wall" - Carmel Bird (1:25)
6) "Chewing Rocks" (1:52)
7) "I Am Woman" - Gilli Smyth (4:15)
8) "Death I Suppose" (3:54)
9) Subvert The Dominant Paradigm - Silly Symphony (1:56)
10) Schizophrenia - Silly Symphony (2:52)
11) "Good Evening" (2:27)
12) "The Cunt Fairies" - Lauren Williams (1:22)

Side 2:

1) Trial By Headline - Daevid Allen & Silly Symphony (3:20)
2) Sinsemilla (Nimbin National Anthemn) - Silly Symphony (3:03)
3) "The Twinkling Of An Eye" - Carmel Bird (2:50)
4) "Trees" - Tom The Poet (1:27)
5) "This Poem" - Tom The Poet (1.08)
6) Magic - Gilli Smyth (3:44)
7) National News - Silly Symphony (3.23)
8) "Blame" - Silly Symphony (0:48)
9) "Hotlines" - Ken Smeaton, Carmel Bird, Lauren Williams, Liza Hall (6:10)
10) Men Cry - Gilli Smyth (3:17)

Notes & details:

- I Am A Freud: performed live on the backing track as on the About Time lp (same one used live since 1980).
- Put Our Hearts Together: a beautiful song by Bruce Cockburn from his 1983 album The Trouble With Normal.
- "Death I Suppose": "Take off their clothes and talk poetry written by Daevid Allen". Gilli & Harry mentioned too.
- Subvert The Dominant Paradigm: also on Silly Symphony's Walkabout GAS tape and on the 1988 GAS Tape.
- Schizophrenia: also included on Silly Symphony's Walkabout GAS tape
- Trial By Headline: unique live early version of this poem. Silly Symphony released their version on Walkabout.
- Sinsemilla: a different studio version appeared on Silly Symphony's Walkabout GAS tape.
- Magic: a later version of this poem appeared on Gilli Smyth's Every Witch's Way.
- National News - a different studio version appeared on Silly Symphony's Walkabout GAS tape.
- "Hotlines": aka "It's You & Me Baby"; totally different words but same backing track as on Robot Woman 3.
- Men Cry: this poem appear on Mother Gong's Robot Woman 3.

Recorded live at the Metro Cafe in Melbourne 1981 (source: G.A.S. price list 1990).


Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Tom The Poet
Harry Williamson
Silly Symphony
Lauren Williams
Liza Hall
Carmel Bird
Ken Smeaton
+ others

Titles in brackets are only indicative of the content as I don't have a tracklist for this cassette.

This tape appeared for sale on the 1988 G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue with its twin Volume 1 cassette and is quoted in Barbara Kirk's Gong history published on What's Gong On booklet (1989).




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