"Melbourne Street Poets 1"


(OT19 on GAS Catalogue)

Cassette-issue only
Total time: 56:59

1) Hey You Kids Of The Future - Daevid Allen (5:05)
2) "The White Poem Part Three" - Tom The Poet (2:02)
3) "A Job Lolly" (0:57)
4) Give Me A Job - Daevid Allen (1:39)
5) "Australia's Underground Poetry Supplies Inexhaustable" - Tom The Poet (4:51)
6) "We Are Into A Mind Revolution" (2:49)
7) "You See Prostitution As A Planning Problem" - Tom The Poet (1:37)
8) Today Is Beautiful - Gilli Smyth (1:01)
9) "Poetism" - Tom The Poet (9:05)
10) I Am Your Fantasy / OK Man, This Is Your World - Gilli Smyth (2:19)
11) "What Would You Rather Be?" - The Fantastic Futures (2:24)
12) "Positivelty" - Tom The Poet (0:54)
13) "Australian Men Are Great Lovers" (1:58)
14) "Believe In Your Poetry" - Daevid Allen (0:52)
15) "I Will Be A Fool For Beauty" (0:38)
16) "The Heart" (1:53)
17) The Ironies Of The Ironing Board / She's A Real Man - Daevid Allen (4:37)
18) "Didgeridoo" (0:55)
19) "It's A Fashionist To Have A Nose" - Gilli Smyth (1:27)
20) "The Woman In Me" - Tom The Poet (2:59)
21) Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes - Daevid Allen (6:57)

Notes & details:

- Hey You Kids Of The Future: Oz rework of "Death Of Rock" poem published on Daevid's Poet For Sale book.
- Give Me A Job: published on Daevid Allen's Poet For Sale poetry book by GAS.
- Today Is Beautiful: later a Mother Gong track on Wild Child, a live version with on Politico Historico Spirito.
- I Am Your Fantasy/OK Man...: follows Tom seamlessly. "OK Man" is "Dreaming It". (Daevid on bass?).
- What Would You Rather Be: Tom introduces "Fantastic Futures". "Stop In The Name Of Love" as it fades.
- Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes: english version of this classic poem. "Dope On The Dole" quoted in the middle.

Titles in brackets are only indicative of the content as I don't have a tracklist for this cassette.

Recorded live in 1984 (source: 1988 G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue).


Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Tom The Poet
Harry Williamson
+ Melborne Street Poems

This tape appeared for sale on the 1988 G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue with its twin Volume 2 cassette and is quoted in Barbara Kirk's Gong history published on What's Gong On booklet (1989).




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