"Stolen Moments"


Cassette-only release
Total time: 45:55

Side 1: (22.42)

1) A Little Bit Of Knowledge
2) City Man Cry
3) Underground
4) The Mega Number
5) The Telly Song

Side 2: (23:13)

1) Intro And Jacques Cousteau Loves Anchovies
2) Nudge Up Double De Luxe
3) Acid Arcade / Russian Roulette
4) Ways To Be Free

Credits on cassette:



...Anyway one side of this rather nifty little comes from a session at Street Level studios with Steffy and Dean on guitar and vocals and wot have you, Keith The Bass on would yuo believeit bass (straight up) and er vocals, I spose, Gav on keyboards, sand blasted underwear and vocals, and Rob on drums, and Deano lovely white teeth...

Oh, the Mega Number was done at Space Studios, and Steffy wasn't there (luckely Deano was).
The other side was made up of 4 track live recordings remixed at Abbey Road - same line up 'cept Gary Maughn's on guitar instead of Steffy except track I which is Manchester Poly captured on a cassette (hells own job fitting it in) hence the slightly diabolique sound - just Dean there.

The whole thing was mixed at Space  Studios Twickenham thanks to Ray, Brian and Bruce

See ya soon!

1981 Nowhere Bays, All rights reserved. *

Notes & details:

- Intro: an early version of "23 Skidoo".
- Nudge Up Double De Luxe : not the same version included in the Folk In Hell Fuck Off cassette compilation.

Steffy Sharpstrings (Guitar and Vocals)
Dino Ferrari (Guitar and Vocals)
Gary Maughn, Keith The Bass (Bass and Vocals)
Gavin Da Blitz (K/boards and Vocals)
Rob (dunno which one) (Drums)

Tracks 1- 5 recorded on an 8 track at Street Level Studios except "Mega Number", recorded at Space Studios.
Side 2 was recorded live.

Cassette inlay handwritten by Keith The Bass.

* Inlay notes are hard to read, sorry for any word I might have mistaken!




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