"Daevid Allen Live Spring '88"


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Cassette-only release
Total time: 91:23

Side 1: (44:47)

1) Club Dog Intro
2) Wandana's Invocation
3) Bloom Soprano
4) Invocation To The Elements
5) Magic Of The Circle
6) I'm Happy
7) Wargasm

Side 2: (46:36)

1) Negotiate
2) Bom Bom Bolo
3) White Doves
4) Let Me Be One
5) Didj: Koori Sister-Brother
6) Oh Baby Foot
7) Tabla Solo
8) Improvisation
9) Bom Bom Bolo
10) At The End Of The Day

Credits on cassette:


Dedicated to Toby with love.
Special thanks to: Rob Ayling, Brian Abbott, The Workshop Gang, And all the promoters and yourself for buying this tape. See you next time!

Ottersongs Publishing "Thank you for not taping me" Spare copies of this tape and others SAE:-
Ottersongs, Ommadawn Hall, 15 Malvern Road, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF 12 7JX

Notes & details:

- Wandana's Invocation: "Zero Invocation" on Live In 1988 - The Return.
- Bloom Soprano: "Green Temple" on Live In 1988 - The Return.
- Invocation To The Elements: "Sing Me Like A Song" on Live In 1988 - The Return.
- Magic Of The Circle: "A very magic place..the Tabernacle".
Daevid & Graham Clark met each other at that gig.
- Wargasm
: a rework of "Death Of Rock", it uses the same backing track released on The Death Of Rock cd.
Negotiate: "Blame The Rich" on 1988 - The Return (only 2nd half - 7m.). This tape has the complete song.
- White Doves: on Live In 1988 - The Return cd "White  Doves" includes "Bom Bom Bolo" & "Let Me Be One".
- Didj: Koori Sister-Brother: "Koori Brother" on the Live In 1988 - The Return cd.
- Oh Baby Foot: "Les B's" on the Live In 1988 - The Return cd.
- Tabla Solo: "Tablas Logorythmique" on Live In 1988 - The Return.
- Improvisation: "Out Of Thin Air" on Live In 1988 - The Return. "Mantra Chant Of You" ("You" coda) quoted.
- Bom Bom Bolo: reprise; "Bom Bom Coda" on Live In 1988 - The Return.
- At The End Of The Day: Angels Egg coda. "End Of The Day" on Live In 1988 - The Return.

Recorded April 5th 1988, London, Tabernacle (source: Calyx) (tracks A1, A2, A5, A6, A7, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5)
and Toulon, FR May-June 1988 (tracks A3, A4, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10) §.
On the notes of the Live In 1988 - The Return cd Daevid Allen states that the Toulon gig was his first encounter with Bloomdido since the Gong days. However, the PlanetGong website lists the May 5th  Nice concert as the first with Daevid and Bloom reunited. No Toulon show listed on PlanetGong or Calyx websites.

Daevid Allen gtr/vox.
Wandana Bruce harm/vox.
Elliett Mackrell violin.
Sheena Johnstone vox/dancer.
Lydia Lite mother drums.
Didier Malherbe sax/fl/wx7. stepped in for french dates. §
Shyamal Maītra perc. stepped in for french dates. §

Brian Abbot tablas (appears in lineup -end Mar-June'88 - on PlanetGong website, most probably not present here).

No release date on cover, it appeared for sale on G.A.S. News Autumn 1988.

The material on this cassette has been released on the double CD called Live In 1988 - The Return.
The only difference is "Negotiate" which is complete only on this tape (only half the song appears on the cd).

You can buy Live in 1988 - The Return on line from PlanetGong official website and support the artists.




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