2012-09-15 - La Courneuve, FR
Fete de l'Humanité - France Inter broadcast
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2012-09-15 - La Courneuve (Paris), FR - Parc Départemental Georges-Valbon - fm (63m)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, Tony Shanahan, Jack Petruzzelli

1) April Fool (3:47) *
2) Fuji-San (4:40)
3) Free Money (4:56)
4) Ghost Dance (5:15)
Maria (5:31)
6) Beneath The Southers Cross (7:41)
7) Pissing In A River (4:15)
8) Because The Night (3:47) **
9) Peaceable Kingdom (5:55)
10) Banga (3:37)
People Have The Power (5:21)
12) Gloria (8:26) ***

* "Thank you this is a new song from our album Banga".
** "Lenny". Radio ID: "France Intere (...) Fete de la Humanité...".
*** Radio speaker: "Patti Smith sur la scene de la Fete de l'Humanité...c'est un extrait de son album Dream Of Life...". Patti spells: "P U S S Y  R I O T  F R E E...".

Source: EX FM master.
[Patti Smith La Courneuve 2012 september 15 EX FM] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by LETSGO.

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Festival confirmed by poster (above).
Show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists.
Stereo fm recording.

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