2003-07-30 - Montagnola, CH
Swiss Radio broadcast
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2003-07-30 - Montagnola, CH - Herman Hesse Haus - fm (56m)
Patti Smith, Oliver Ray

1) radio intro (0:30)
2) Paths That Cross (4:41)

3) Beneath The Southers Cross (5:10)
4) interview (12:10)
5) If I Needed Someone (1:56) *
6) interview (2:45)
7) radio commercial break (0:47)
8) Pissing In A River (5:01)
9) Because The Night (3:38)
10) Dancing Barefoot (5:20)
11) Wing (5:57) **
12) People Have The Power (6:04) ***
13) Gloria (fades out) (2:47)

* "We were very very...happy, happy and also sad to find that one of your citizens at the last...last good period of his life was George Harrison...".
**"Oliver Ray".
*** "This is for you Mr. Hesse". Radio speaker: "Patti Smith live und unplugged zum Montagnola...".

Source: Lineage: Soundboard FM broadcast on Swiss Radio I received by mail CDR>EAC>FLAC(level 8).
[Patti Smith 2003-07-30 FMSBD Montagnola, Switzerland] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime flac in 2006 (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists.
"Partial (a complete audience recording circulates, but the SQ is much better on this)".
Stereo fm recording. Most tracks have a radio speaker's voice and/or radio ID at start or end.

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