1999-07-29 - Tel Aviv, IS
Galei Tzahal (Israel Army Radio) - Yoav Kutner's Music Today Show
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1999-07-29 - Tel Aviv, IS - Gelei Tzahal - fm (43m)
Patti Smith, Oliver Ray

1) hello (0:33) *
2) Dancing Barefoot (4:02)
3) chat (3:26) **
4) China Bird (4:28)
5) chat (3:30)
6) Because The Night (4:08)
7) hello again (0:24)
8) Ghost Dance (4:45)
9) chat (4:27)
10) Wing (5:05)
11) chat (3:32)
12) Pe
ople Have The Power (4:38)
13) goodbye (0:21)

* Speaker: "I just told them that you are here and...hello Patti...hello Oliver...shalom, peace love and happiness, let's begin with a song and then we'll talk a bit".
** "Well we have a...we have a new song that we have recorded that we have never done you should tell the people that we have never performed this song...".

Source: FM radio broadcast > Cassette > Wav (EAC) > Speed correction (Nero Wave Editor) > Track splits (CD Wave) > Flac (dBpowerAMP) > CD > Flac.
[Patti Smith on Israel Radio 7-29-99] Flac shared as torrent on Dime (unsigned info).
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
Radio show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists and The Patti Smith logbook websites.
Stereo fm recording.
"Patti and Oliver Ray on Yoav Kutner's Music Today show just prior to her show in Tel Aviv. 6 acoustic numbers and chat".

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