1979-05-12 - Amherst, MA
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1979-05-12 - Amherst, MA - Alumni Stadium - Massachussetts Uni - afternoon - aud (44m)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kraal, Jay Dee Daugherty, Richard Sohl

1) Redondo Beach (3:52) *
2) Mr. Tambourine Man (4:34)
3) 25th Floor (7:27)
It's So Hard (includes Patti talking about a Grateful Dead show at the Fillmore East) (5:11) **
Jailhouse Rock (2:24)
6) Because The Night (4:26)
7) Seven Ways Of Going (9:57) ***
8) Gloria (6:39) $

* "I'd like to recommend the new Bob Dylan Live in Japan record (...) it's gonna be Bob Dylan's birthday next week".
** "Today is Ivan's birthday (...) this is the second Grateful Dead concert I've been at...once I gotta tell you the story".
*** [Cut at 0:20].
$ [Cut at 6.12 ending with different source].

Source: 1st gen AUD of otherwise unknown lineage, CDR I received by mail>EAC>Sound Forge>FLAC(level 8).
[Patti Smith 1979-05-12 Amherst, MA 1st gen] Flac shared as torrent on Dime in 2006 (unsigned info).
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