1978-04-18 - Cleveland, OH
"Rock Around The World" broadcast
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1978-04-18 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Ballroom (pre?) fm (47m)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kraal, Jay Dee Daugherty, Bruce Brody

1) interview - Redondo Beach (5:18) *
interview - Ain't It Strange (12:03) **
interview - Privilege (4:17)
interview - Easter (5:58) ***
5) Radio Ethiopia (10:21) =
6) Gloria (8:14)
interview (2:31)

* "...The river's not all that's burning. Rock Around The World presents the Joan of Arc of rock 'n' roll, where there's smoke there's Patti Smith live in Cleveland".
** ""Rock Around The World returns to the stage of the Agora in Cleveland but first meet Patti Smith".
*** "Hi Patti...hi Lenny...Hy Jay...Hi Ivan...hi Bruce...hi Cleveland...hi...hey, you guys...I want...I want you to have some fun, turn around you get into it".
= [Cut at 5:11 followed by repated bit (1m. 12 sec. overlap)].

Source: Lineage: CD-R of otherwise unknown lineage received in a trade>EAC (WAVE)>FLAC Frontend (FLAC level 8 aligned on sector boundaries)>Dimeadozen>You.
[Patti Smith - Agora, Cleveland 1978-04-18] Flac shared as torrent on Dime in 2010 by G. The Cock.
No SBE's - TLH analysis - fingerprints
This show was Rock Around The World's broadcast n. 207 on July 23rd 1978.
Show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists.
Stereo (pre?) fm recording.
"Excellent recording of an amazing show. It's not definitely sure if it's taken off the air or from a pre FM source but the overall sound quality is great...".

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