1977-07-26 - Scarsdale, NY
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1977-07-26 - Scarsdale, NY - Syncopation Club - aud (62m)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kral, Jay Dee Daugherty, Richard Sohl

1) We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (3:59) *
Pissing In A River (5:25) **
3) Ask The Angels (4:18)
Kimberley (4:30) ***
banter with crowd (Birdland) (9:45) $
Parachute Woman (squeely) (4:18) =
7) Paint It Black (4:49) +
No Jestering (Link Cromwell) (4:39)
9) Space Monkey (4:53)
10) Free Money (6:09)
Radio Ethiopia / Rock 'n' Roll Nigger (9:55) ?

* "Good evening everybody, happy birthday Mick Jagger I feel tired" MC: "Good evening everybody welcome to Syncopation I'm Meg Griffin from RMW...".
** "Pissing in a river, watching it rise".
*** "Kimberley".
$ "What? What are we doing? We're gonna be doing the Elgin on the 29th and 30th...we're gonna be our on our tour of New York City farewell time...".
= "Patti".
+ "Link Cromwell".
? "
Richard Sohl...Jay Dee Daugherty...Ivan Kral...Lenny Kaye...".

Source: original cassettes>Ampex reel>Roxio Sound Editor.
[Patti Smith Group Scarsdale NY 1977 July 26] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by bossfannn.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists.
Stereo audience recording.
"Unfortunately the reel tape will no longer play. I was able to get the first five tracks
In decent quality but the next five had some squeak and dropout issues. I’ve tried baking
the reel but the tape has lost some its backing and is useless. Serious fans will still want this
if not just for Paint It Black. There may be one or two more tracks that I haven’t been able to locate".

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