1976-12-31 - New York, NY
New Years/birthday celebration
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1976-12-31 - New York, NY - The Palladium - aud (107m) (2cd)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kraal, Richard Sohl, Jay Dee Daugherty + John Cale, Dee Dee Ramone, Leigh Foxx, Andy Ostrowe, Television

Disc 1:

1) Land (6:16)
2) Ask The Angels (4:22) *
3) Redondo Beach (4:47) **
4) Free Money (4:35)
Queen Of Sheba (7:42)
6) Space Monkey (5:34)

Disc 2:

1) Pissing In River (6:40) ***
2) Pumping (3:48)
3) Ain't It Strange (11:40)
4) Auld Lang Syne (0:34) $
5) Radio Ethiopia (7:38)
6) Rock And Roll Nigger (9:17) =
7) Gloria (8:25)
Revenge Of Vera Gemimi (4:35)
Birdland (12:01) +
My Generation (9:57) ?

* "Is Andy Paley there? If he is he should come on the stage".
** "Hey, know ah...thanks guys...listen I'm so glad you know like I'll be so glad to see '76 be dead man...".
*** "Really neat tonite because Television was a great inspiration to to me, and John and John Cale taught me a lot".
$ "1977!"
= "Did you hear what Lenny did? I bet you think that Lenny fucks up a's not that he fucks up...".
+ [Cuts in on intro and cut at 0:43].

? With Dee Dee Ramone, Leigh Foxx, Andy Ostrowe, John Cale, Television. Fades out on feedback.

Source: Panasonic AM/FM Stereo 'boom box' w/condenser non-adjusting volume mics>Cassette Masters>equalizer>SHN>
Recorded (from the floor, left section about halfway back in an aisle seat) and mastered by Teddy "GoodBear" Selby.
[Patti Smith 1976-12-31 Palladium NYC] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime in 2008 by coyote.
No SBE's - TLH analysis
"This relatively new, nearly complete version is patched with the best of the two previously circulating incomplete sources".
Date and venue confirmed by show ticket and ad (see above). Show and recording listed on DB Etree.

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