1976-11-27 - New York, NY
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1976-11-27 - New York, NY - Bottom Line - Late show - aud (103m) (2cd)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kral, Jay Dee Daugherty, Andy Paley

1) monologue including They Call Me Meridia - Neo Artist (29:13) *
We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (4:28) **
Redondo Beach (5:33) ***
Kimberley (5:53)
5) Ask The Angels (2:10) $
6) You Can Dig It (9:35) =
Jolene (4:34)
8) Ain't It Strange (10:22)
Pumping (4:12)
Rock 'n' Roll Nigger (15:40) +
11) Gloria (6:46)
My Generation (4:22)

* "Pipes of Joujouka" in the background. "Radio Ethiopia by The Patti Smith Group on Arista Records and tapes". "I'm on a lot of pressure tonite cause mom is here".
** PSG intro: "
(?)...Ivan Kral...Jay Dee Daugherty...Lenny Kaye...The Patti Smith Group".
*** "My sister Kimberley...I used to change her diapers...I used to change his diapers too...this is the show that like all the Walt Disney people want to see".

$ [Cut at 1:09].
= "...We come here to like showcase the separate getting together to showcase the record at the Palladium on New Years Eve...".
+ Mic dropout at 7:01.

Source: original cassettes recorded on mono Sony 101B>TDK reels> Roxio Sound Editor.
[Patti Smith Group Bottom Line 1976-11-27 late show] Flac set shared as torrent on Dime by bossfannn.

TLH analysis - fingerprints
Date and venue confirmed by ad for shows at the Bottom Line (November 22nd to 28th 1976).
Show listed on The Patti Smith Setlists and Bottom Line websites.
Mono audience recording.

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