1975-05-11 - New York, NY
End of war celebration - WBAI FM
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1975-05-11 - New York, NY - Central Park at 97th Street - fm (13m)
Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Richard Sohl

1) Piss Factory (6:20) *
Land (7:33) **

* "...Let's have a big hand for Patti Smith"....
- "About five years ago Stevie Wonder performed here I saw him he did Heaven Help The Son he was really great and Stevie wanted to be with you here today".
** "Patti Smith, Patti Smith".

Source: second or third generation reel.
[Patti Smith WBAI 1975-05-11] Flac set shared as torrent on Demonoid by bossfannn.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
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