1975-04-03 - New York, NY
Poetry reading
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1975-04-03 - New York, NY - Columbia University - aud? (53m)
Patti Smith (solo reading)

1) Me Nigger (1:11) *
2) Seventh Heaven (3:22) **
3) Jeanne Darc (Spunky) (2:55)
4) Rudah (5:02)
5) Picasso Laughing (3:35)
A Fragment Of Youth (2:01)
Let's Deodorize The Night (3:34)

8) Rimbaud Dead (4:36)
9) Born To Be Me (1:54)

10) Baby's insurance (6:32) ***
11) Christ Died For Somebody's Sins (1:44)

12) All The Hipsters GO To The Movies (10:17)
13) The uncomplicated Sonnet (1:41)
14) Piss Factory (4:53) $

* "One...just like Mick Jagger's microphone".
** "Alright this here is from my first book...unavailable almost anywhere this book was out of print the day it came out...".
*** "I really love poetry but I love real r'n'r too now I got a r'n'r band and if you guys wanna see that we play at this bar down at the Bowery every weekend...".
$ "I got two more shows to do tonight on the road in your own city (...) this is, we did this little single me and my guys and this is the b side of our single...".

Source: very good quality single tracked Ampex reel.
[Patti Smith Columbia University 1975-04-03] Flac set shared as torrent on Demonoid by bossfannn.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
"This may be the gem of my collection, don’t miss it just because there are no instruments
Patti gave the names of some of these and I guessed at the rest".

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