1975-01-01 - New York, NY
The Poetry Project
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1975-01-01- New York, NY - St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery - sbd? (8m)
Patti Smith (solo reading)

1) Histories Of The Universe / Seven Ways Of Going /Parade (8:20) * #

* "Patti Smith".
- "The histories of the universe lie in the sleeping sex of a back in Egypt, the...Egyptian Book Of The Dead was written because they got this like...".

Source: Source-second generation Maxell reel.
[Patti Smith St. Marks Church 1975-10-19] Flac set shared as torrent on Demonoid by bossfannn.
TLH analysis - fingerprints
Reading listed on The Patti Smith Setlists (as January 1st 1975).
# Officially released on "Big Ego", a double LP (Giorno Poetry System 1978).
The torrent came with incorrect date of October 19th 1975

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