"Remember The Forgotten"


(OT24 on GAS Catalogue)

Cassette-only release
Total time: 57:47

Side A:

1) Remember The Forgotten (29:47)

Side B:

1) Remember The Forgotten (28:00)

Credits on cassette:

Created from a vision by Joe Moriarty
TEXT: Joe & Yoka Moriarty
Assisted by: Harry Williamson, Gilli Smyth & Daevid Allen
NARRATION: Joe & Yoka Moriarty, Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth
MUSIC: Created by Harry Williamson
Engineered & Produced by Spring Studio, Melbourne, February, 1985.
Tel: (03) 534 2157
All rights reserved.
February, 1985.

Unauthorised copying prohibited.

2032 cassette
Otter Songs

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. 1982
(Note that 1982 refers to general Ottersongs copyright)

Notes & details:

- A: Includes "13/8" from Mother Gong's W.F.M. and "Siesta" from A. Phillips and H. Williamson's Gypsy Suite,
  also used on Mother Gong's
Battle Of The Birds ("The King's Son Falls In Love"), both with voiceover.
B: Includes parts from Movements II & III of Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson's Tarka and a theme which is
  also on Mother Gong & Dave Sawyer's W.F.M. ("Life In The World Pt. 2"), both with voiceover.

The Electro Syrinx Volume 3, a 1987 various artists cassette issued by Terry Hopkins (who ran some Hawkwind 'zines) has a track by J. & Y. Moriarty, D. Allen, G. Smyth & H. Williamson - "Remember The Forgotten" (probably an excerpt).

Remember The Forgotten consists of two long tracks with drones for meditation.
My copy has white inlay card (scan from my copy above) and 2032 / Ottersongs labels.
It was released in 1985 and appeared for sale on G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue.

Cassette labels




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