(OT31 on GAS Catalogue)

Cassette reissue of out-of-print Shandar LP
Total time: 57:40

Side 1:

1) Cielo Drive 17 (21:27)
Chrysler (6:44)

Side 2:

1) Fille De L'Ombre (2:18)
Longsong For Zelda (7:43)
Orft Publicity Tape (8:52)
Euterpe Intro Tape (10:36)

Credits on cassette:

Recorded in 1971 and 1973
(Note: 1973 date is INCORRECT as "Euterpe Intro Tape" is from 1975-1976)


All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance,  broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. C OTTERSONGS

Notes & details:

All of Side 1 and Side 2 tracks 1, & 2 are from Dashiell Hedayat's Obsolete LP.

- Chrysler: Dropout just before Nino Rota's coda.
Orft Publicity Tape: AKA "Gong ORFT Invasion 1971" on
Daevid Allen's The Death Of Rock & Other Entrances.
Euterpe Intro: Deya '75-'76. Aka "Euterpe Gratitude Piece" on Good Morning. Longer (13 m) on Tape Works.

Commonly known as "Obsolete Outtakes", this cassette was issued to make a long deleted album available.
This is a tape recording of Obsolete from vinyl but the running order is not the same as original release.
Side 2 of LP ("Cielo Drive") is on A side of this tape. "Hey Mushroom, Will You Mush My Room?", originally one long piece which took all of side 1 of LP, is broken here, so "Chrysler" is on side A of tape while the rest is on side B with bonus items.

Obsolete: tracks recorded at Strawberry Studio, Chateau d'Herouville (France) in May 1971.
Orft Publicity Tape: collage tape by Daevid Allen 1971.
Euterpe Intro Tape: glissando guitar and collage tape by Daevid Allen, Deya (Spain) 1975-1976.

No musicians listed on cover.

Musicians on Obsolete tracks:

DAEVID ALLEN Lead guitar
DASHIELL HEDAYAT Solo guitar, all lead vocals, keyboards, cosmic-hedayat-rumble and cut-ups
DIDIER MALHERBE Bloomdido-saxo, flute and water music
PIP PYLE Drums, here there and everywhere (oh! also groovy guitar)
GILLI SMYTH Wet pleasure shout and intergalactic-whisper
CHRISTIAN TRITSCH Bass and acoustic guitar
SAM WYATT Baby song (he is five years old, you know?)
Don't forget thanks for slight use of "Giulietta Degli Spiriti" soundtrack by Nino Rota, an old C.A.M. record.

No release date on cover or labels. It appeared for sale on the 1988 G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue.
A later reissue (no release date - from early 90's) dropped the extra content presenting a nice replica of the LP on tape.

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