"New York Ding Dong"


No catalogue #
Cassette-only release
Total time: 53:41

Side 1: (26:47)

1) N.Y. Intermeadiate Theatre Interview
2) Rapist
3) People Poem
4) Master Builder
5) Isle Of Everywhere
6) Improvisation
7) Dynamite

Side 2: (26:54)

1) Banana Reggae
2) No Other Than The Mother
3) 333
4) I Am The Fool
5) 20 and 20 Schoolgirls
6) Master Builder

Notes & details:

- N.Y. Intermeadiate Theatre Interview: Daevid announcing the Oct. 8th 1978 "13 hour Zu manifestival".
- Rapist: Mother Gong; a different edit is on Gilli's Live In USA 79
tape. Includes "Brothasista Invocation" poem.
  Preceded by polemic speech on Gomelski by Robert Christgau of Village Voice and Daevid's reply.
- People Poem:
also on Daevid Allen Live In USA 79 tape. Includes "Ooby Scooby Dooms Day" coda at end.
- Master Builder: Fades out.
- Isle Of Everywhere: "Cops at the door!" Fades out.
- Improvisation: "Fohat Digs Holes In Space", same version used in Daevid's "Gong ORFT Invasion 1971" collage.
- Dynamite: No info at all. Early "Dynamite", cut early.
- Banana Reggae: no info, it has the usual "Figaro" quote at the end.
- No Other Than The Mother: different mix of "No Other Than The Mother..." on
N'Existe Pas, no clarinet here
- 333: same performance as on N'Existe Pas! but without overdubs.
- I Am The Fool: in catalan. Same track used for Gilli's Mother (Moerlen's drum loop). Different on Tape Works.
- 5 & 20 Schoolgirls: Euterpe rehearsal for Paris Reunion. Start and end cut, complete on Studio Rehearsal '77.
- Master Builder: Daevid sings in french so this should be from France, Nov-Dec 1974. Bruford drumming. Fades.

Tracks 2 to 5 of Side 1 from October 8th 1978 New York City, NY (USA), Zu House (Zu Manifestival)

(Introduced as "Mother Gong" and "Gong")

New York Gong (introduced as Gong)

Daevid Allen (guitar/vocals)
George Bishop (sax)
Bill Laswell (bass)
Michael Beinhorn (synth)
Fred Maher (drums)
Dennis Weise (synth)
Michael Lawrence (guitar)

Mother Gong

Gilli Smyth (vocals)
George Bishop (sax)
Bill Laswell (bass)
Michael Beinhorn (synth)
Chris Cutler (drums)
Fred Frith (guitar)

PlanetGong website has this info instead: "Allen, Smyth, Cutler, Laswell, Cultreri, and a saxophonist named George Bishop; maybe Beinhorn made some Moonweed noises too, and there might have been another drum kit for Maher".

This cassette was originally released by GAS in 1979 as NY Ding Dong / No Ganja Reggae.
No release date appearing on cover, it appeared for sale on G.A.S. price list 1990.

NY Intermeadiate Theatre Interview, Rapist, People Poem, Master Builder, Isle Of Everywhere can also be found on Alien Going Over The Top GAS tape (1979 first edition only).




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