"Melodic Destiny"


(OT1 on GAS list)

Cassette-only release
Total time: 35:18

Side One:

1) Trepidance (5:19)
2) Sillions (3:23)
3) Evidance (3:41)
4) A Breughel (5:30)

Side Two:

1) Bloomdido (4:11)
2) Driving (4:36)
3) Giraffe (3:14)
4) Belengaria (2:42)
5) Bamboo Love (2:42)

Credits on cassette:


Guy Evans - drums
Hugh Hopper / Dayne Cranemburg
- bass
Gilli Smyth
- space whisper

All other instruments Didier & Yan

Produced & engineered at Oxes Cross July 1981 by H. Williamson

a real time recording from

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited.

Notes & details:

- Evidance: a live version is on Mother Gong's Glastonbury Festival 79-81 cd and on Glastonbury Fayre tape.
- Bloomdido:
written by Charlie Parker. Incorrectly listed at the end of side 1 on cover.
- Driving:
a live version, with lyrics (entitled "What's Going On"), is on Mother Gong's Glastonbury Fayre tape.
- Bamboo Love:
instrumental version of "Please Give A Chance To To-Morrow" (no intro and coda), on Bloom lp.

The line-up on this tape is basically Mother Gong (1981 edition), featured at Glastonbury CND Festival that year.
Harry Williamson is on production and engineering.
Many years later, a part of "Driving"'s theme (performed by Mother Gong in
Glastonbury 1981 as "What's Going On") was incorporated in "Can You: You Can", Malherbe's composition on Shapeshifter.
Melodic Destiny is truly one of Bloomdido's finest works ever!

This tape appeared for sale from Ottersongs - GAS on Gong Moving On 1981 magazine.
It had a yellow inlay card (see scan of my original copy above) and showed no release date or catalogue number.

It was reissued on cassette in 1992 (with different cover and slightly different track order) but never released on LP or CD.
Surprisingly, the wonderful music on Melodic Destiny is not available elsewhere, so this tape is essential for completists.

Here is an excerpt from GAS - Gong Moving On - Autumn 1981 magazine (note the June 1981 recording date).
Whats Going On Gas 82:
".........with Yan Emeric he creates a basically European music with Medieval Undertones, acoustic sounds around which the electricity hovers".

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