"Gong Live At Mallacoff"


OT 16

Cassette-only release
Total time: 50:48

Side 1:

1) PHP's (1:27)
2) This Microphone (2:36)
3) Zero The Hero (12:34)
4) I Am Your Animal - Bamboolay (9:25)

Side 2:

1) You Can't Kill Me (5:51)
2) Dreaming It (4:45)
3) Tropical Fish (14:00)

Credits on cassette:

OT 16
All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. 1982

Notes & details:

- PHP's: "The Pot Head Pixies". Fades in before the french part in the middle.
- This Microphone
: "Venux...my friend, this microphone doesn't work". A short impro on a mic that's not working.
- Zero The Hero
: "Zero The Hero & The Witch's Spell". Short intro; Gilli's section has space whisper, no "Taliesin".
- I Am Your Animal - Bamboolay
: "Bamboolay" is "Dynamite".
- You Can't Kill Me
: no "Ya Sonne" Camembert Electric coda. Fades at the end.
- Dreaming It
: fades out as the bass is starting the "spanish" section of "Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell".
- Tropical Fish
: no "Selene" coda.


Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Laurie Allan
Didier Malherbe
Tim Blake
Francis Moze
Steve Hillage
Christian Tritch

Recorded in Malakoff, France - December 1972.

Jan 27 1973 (as on PlanetGong & Calyx) seems to be incorrect; I enquired Tim Blake on the Gong forum about the date(s) of the Lyon GAS tapes. He wrote: "The First Gong Gig in 1973 was on the 6th of February, at the HEC @ Jouay-en-Josas".
Full discussion is available here.

No lineup or date appearing on cover.

This release appeared for sale from Otter Songs on Whats Going On Gas 82 magazine.

- yellow paper inlay (scan of my copy above), unique "Mallacoff" side 1 label, white Ottersongs (trees) side 2 label - 1982
- red card inlay, unique "Mallacoff" side 1 label, white G.A.S. (sun, moon and clouds) side 2 label
(see scans below).

Reissued on cassette (GAS GL2 with different cover - early 90's) but never released on LP or CD.

Ottersongs label version

G.A.S. label version




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