"Gong Live A' Lyons Part Two"


OT 15


Cassette-only release
Total time: 57:00

Side 1:

1) Dreaming It (3:19)
2) Flying Teapot - Improvisation - More Teapot (20:48)
3) Lawrence The Alien (4:18)

Side 2:

1) Lawrence Cont. (5:09)
2) Blues For Findlay (9:14)
3) Ya Sunne (1:48)
4) Teapot Jam (12:24)

Credits on cassette:

OT 15
All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited. OTTERSONGS

Notes & details:

- Dreaming It: fades in, end of closing track from Gong Live A' Lyon part 1.
- Flying Teapot - Improvisation - More Teapot:
Edited on Continental Circus Giacomo reissue. Fades out.
- Lawrence The Alien: Laurie Allan's drum solo. Part of "Flying Teapot" (cuts and continues on side 2).

- Lawrence Cont.
: continuation of Allan's drum solo from side 1. Ends with "Flying Teapot" coda.
Blues For Findlay: also on the bootleg reissue of Continental Circus (Giacomo) with "Ya Sunne" as one track.
- Ya Sunne: end of "Selene" and Camembert coda ending "Blues For Findlay". On
Continental Circus (Giacomo).
Teapot Jam
: "Flying Teapot" reprise as encore. End cut. Partly (coda only) on Continental Circus (Giacomo).

Recorded in Lyon, France - December 1972.


Daevid Allen - gtr, vocal.
Gilli Smyth
- vocal.
Christian Tritch
- bass.
Laurie Allan
- drums.
Didier Malherbe
- sax + flute.
Tim Blake
- synths.

Line-up as on cover of Gong Live At Lyon 1971 Pt 1 reissue.
Francis Moze on bass and Steve Hillage on guitar are not listed on cover. Christian Tritch on guitar, not bass.

In 2008 I enquired Tim Blake about the Lyon shows on PlanetGong forum. Read the complete discussion here.

This release appeared for sale from Otter Songs on Whats Going On Gas 82 magazine.
My copy has yellow paper inlay (scan of my original copy above), white Ottersongs labels and no release date.

Both vol. 1 & 2 haven't been released on cd yet.

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