"Gong Live At Lyon 1972 Pt 1"


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Cassette-only release
Total time: 53:55

Side One: (28:01)

1) Intro
2) Pot Head Pixies
3) The Witches Spell
4) Pussy
5) Why Are We Sleeping
6) Radio Gnome 1
7) Maybe You Believe It

Side Two: (25:54)

1) I Feel So Lazy
2) Time Of Your Life
3) Tropical Fish
4) Dreaming It

Credits on cassette:

Daevid Allen - Guitar, Vocals
Gilli Smyth - Spacewhisper, vocals
Christian Tritch - Bass.
Laurie Allen - Drums.
Didier Malherbe - Sax, Flute
Tim Blake - Synths

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Notes & details:

- Intro: Radio Gnome loop collage used as concert intro.
- Pot Head Pixies
: from end of 2nd verse. On The Mystery & The History Of Planet G**G.
- The Witches Spell
: "Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell". No Taliesin section.
- Pussy: aka "Witch's Song / I Am  Your Pussy".

- Why Are We Sleeping
: the coda includes part of "Fohat Digs Holes In Space".
- Radio Gnome 1
: aka "Radio Gnome Invisible".
- Maybe You Believe It
: aka "Mouseproof". Includes part of "I Got A Donkey".
- I Feel So Lazy: a different version (Angers 1972) was released on
Mystery & The History Of Planet G**G.
- Time Of Your Life
: preceded by "Tried So Hard" coda.
- Tropical Fish
: no "Selene" coda.
- Dreaming It
: fades out, continuing to end on Gong Live A' Lyon Part 2 GAS tape.

Recorded in Lyon, France - December 1972.

Francis Moze on bass and Steve Hillage on guitar are not listed on cover. Christian Tritch on guitar, not bass.

This is a reissue (date unknown) of the tape released as Gong Live A' Lyons, correctly retitled Live At Lyon 1972 Pt 1.
This issue has pale blue inlay card, blue lettering and a rectangle stuck on front with a color drawing of PHP's in a flying teapot.

It has a different cover and the mystery track appearing at   the end after "Dreaming It" was removed.
There was yet another
reissue of this cassette in the early 90's.

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