"Live In The New World 1992"



Cassette-only release
Total time: 84:08

A Side:

1) Intro Circle (Magick Brothers) (2:08)
2) Thought For Nought (1:35)

3) Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do? (6:41)
4) I Am My Own Lover (3:24)
5) Herbacious Boarder (Robson) (5:39)
6) Have You Seen My Friend (4:01)
7) Gliss Piece 1. Man / Woman (Magick Brothers) (11:49)
8) Waylands Smithy (Robson) (7:43)

B Side:

1) Changing Woman / Trial By Headline (Trad / C.O.I.T) (6:57)
2) Song Of Your Life (5:42)

3) Gliss Piece 2. Shadow Spirit (Magick Brothers) (7:57)
4) Isle Of Glass (Robson) (4:21)
5) Children Of The New World (4:06)
6) Wise Man In Your Heart (12.05)

Notes & details:

- I Am My Own Lover: "A slight distortion" of The Owl & The Tree song becoming "I Am My Own Roadie".
- Changing Woman / Trial By Headline: "Changing Woman" is "Titicaca" (no usual violin part).
- Song Of Your Life: aka "No Other Than The Mother Is My Song".
- Gliss Piece 2. Shadow Spirit: also included on The 1992 GAS Tape as "Shadow Spirit".
- Children Of The New World: "Graham Clark on violin & the guitar (...) bought today in this town Rochester".
- Wise Man In Your Heart: fades as "Magick Brother" is starting.

PlanetGong lists March 3 1992, Kennel Club, unknown town, USA and March 10 1992, Jazzberry's, Rochdale, NY
Calyx lists March 3rd 1992, Los Angeles, CA, Club Lingerie and March 11th 1992, Rochester, NY, venue unknown.

No release date on the cover but as The 1992 GAS Tape (released in 1992) has one song from this tape, that has to be the release date for this Magick Brother cassette as well.

The material on this tape was never released on lp or cd, so it is an essential addition for completists and fans of this great trio.

Credits on cassette:


For more information write to: - GONG APPRECIATION SOCIETY P.O. BOX 871
                                                 GLASTONBURY, SOMERSET BA9 6FE UK.

Daevid Allen
Acoustic and Glissando Guitars, Vocals
Graham Clark
Violin, Guitar
Mark Robson

Keyboards, Flute, Whistle, Didj, Vocals

All songs by Daevid Allen except where stated.
Recorded live in the U.S.A. on the 3rd and 10th of March 92.
Compiled and mastered by Tim Hall and Jonny Greene.
Mastered to DAT & copied by Sound Services.
Artwork and cover by Jonny Greene.
The symbol on the cover is a Thrishele or three armed cross. It is an ancient sign of the feminine aspect of the divine.
This tape is dedicated to that presence in our lives.




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