Interesting Gong-related links


- Gong's official website with online shop and forum www.planetgong.co.uk
- Daevid Allen's own poetry website Daevid Alien Performance Site
- University Of Errors official website uN1vER5itY oF 3rroR5
- UOE, Hopper, Soft Machine, Isotope, National Health, Delivery... Cuneiform Records
- Daevid Allen & Gong pages on Phil Franks' site Philm Freax Digital Archive
- Bloomdido's official website Didier Malherbe
- Shakti Yoni's official website Gilli Smyth
- Theo Travis' official website Theo Travis
- Theo Travis and Dave Sturt's duo official website Cipher
- The Canterbury Music Website Calyx
- Canterbury Music Family Tree Collapso
- The official website of Kevin Ayers
- A Digest Of All Things Kevin Ayers Why Are We Sleeping
- The Soft Machine Pages Hulloder
- The Official Website Of Bill Bruford and Bill Bruford's Earthworks
- Official website of former Acid Mothers Temple's keyboardist Cotton Casino
- Brainville's drummer and Henry Cow legend official website Chris Cutler
- Official website of Gerald Field's violin laboratory Field Violin Workshop
- Player And Teacher - official website Graham Clark Violin
- Official website of Zorch
- Gwyo Zepix' official website Howard Scarr
- Gongzilla's bass player official website Hansford Rowe
- Mother Gong's father page on Wikipedia Harry Williamson
- Gong's on and off drummer page on Wikipedia Laurie Allan
- Official website of Gong's longest standing bass player Mike Howlett
- Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy's official SYSTEM 7 Website
- The Official Crystal Machine Website Tim Blake Crystal Machine
- Official website of AcidMothersTemple
- Twink's official MySpace 39 Orbits
- Ant-Bee's Web Bizarre www.ant-bee.com
- Big City Orchestrae on Soundclick Big City Orchestra
- Zero's official website Brian Abbott
- L'officiel Site Web Du Legendaire Guitariste Francais Christian Boule
- The Kundalini Opera Cyrille Verdeaux
- The finest performing talent from free state of Avalonia GlastoburyMusic.org.uk
- Official website of Hatfield & The North
- Graham Hinton's Hinton Instruments

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