"In My Garden"


No catalogue #
(OT32 on GAS Catalogue)
Cassette-only release
Total time: 63:20

Side A: (31:36)

1) Home Time: D.S. & M.W.
2) Time To Go: D.S. & D.C.
3) Macbeth: D.S. & M.W.
4) The Market: D.S. & M.W.
5) Devotion: D.S. & M.W.
6) In My Garden: D.S.
7) Doubletalk: D.S. & M.W.
8) Walkabout: D.S.
9) Just The Ticket: D.S.
10) Get Ready: D.S. & P.A.

Side B: (31:44)

1) Good News: D.S. & D.C.
2) Routine: D.S.
3) Rob's Karma: R.W.
4) Cycling In Heaven D.S.
5) All That Talk D.S.
6) Journey D.S.
7) It's a Breeze D.S.
8) That's All, Folks D.S.

Credits on cassette:

Pete Appleton - Guitar.
Rob Woodside - Guitar.
Dave Chandler - Slither, Shaker, Scraper, Metal Bonca, Two-Flute.
Mark Williams - Ali Bells, Handchimes, Synth., Conch, Voice, Windchimes, Slotboo, Paper Drums, Steelchimes.
Dave Sawyer - Ali Bells, Synth., Slither, Conch, Voice, Boobongs, Bamboo Flute, Tin Fiddle, Rollerphone, Melodica, Woodchimes, Steelchimes, Tube Drums, Handchimes, Harmonium, Strokerphone, Spectrum Plus, Binsasara,Vibrosawrus, Paper Drums.

This cassette is an excursion through ten years of playing techniques and music instrument development.
"Time To Go" and "Good News" were recorded with Dave Chandler on an eight-track in 1976, and centre round harmonium (an instrument I played from 1962), with the remaining instruments of my own design.
I was only able to relinquish the harmonium with the creation of my Boobongs from 1981, which offered a much reduced keyboard, but with enormous key flexibility and original sound.
The next event in my musical development was the acquisition of a Tascam Ministudio in 1985, enabling me to pursue my musical ideas alone.
The remaining numbers comprise work with mark Williams on two soundtracks ("Macbeth" and "Victorian Values") for the "Flying Pig", a London-based theatre group, and "The Market". "Get Ready", with Pete Appleton, combines a 1977 harmonium recording with a 1985 treatment and Rob Woodside completes the collection with a guitar solo.
                                                                                 Dave Sawyer February 1988.

1988 David Sawyer
120 uS  All Rights Reserved


37 Union Street, St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon EX2 9BA U.K.
Tel: 01392 432959
FAX 01392 438802

For Chris and Caspar

Special thanks to Mike Leggett  and Gus with "Time To Go" and "Good News", and to John Milner who engineered "Get Ready".
Also special thanks to Rob Ayling for persuading me to compile the tape, and Brian Abbot for trying over the past two years to do the same.
And last, but not least, special thanks to Douglas Hedges for the loan of the Juno 6.

Cover - Tapestry by Christine Sawyer

Notes & details:

This was a private release by Dave Sawyer on hi-quality chrome cassette
(no GAS or Ottersongs logo on cover or label).
It appeared for sale on the 1988 G.A.S. Merchandise Catalogue with OT32 cat. # - not on later GAS sale lists.
I got my copy from Dave Sawyer. Apparently he still has few copies of this tape:

Spread signed inlay

Cassette labels




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