"Haunted Chateau"


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Cassette-only release
Total time: 58:58

Side 1: (30:41)

1) Stoned Innocent Frankenstein Jam (4:39)
2) Hello There (1:42)
3) Tropical Fish (0:38)
4) Bloomdido's Rap (6:51)
5) Dreaming It (7:56)
6) Hypnotize Yer (4:12)
7) Mama Maya Mantrum (0:29)
8) Why Are We Sleeping? (4:09)

Side 2: (28:17)

1) I Am Your Fantasy (2:23)
2) Gongsong (2:38)
3) Est Que Je Suis (6:08)
4) Ali Ba Ba (3:40)
5) Big City Cat (10:04)
6) Zero And The Spell Of The Good Witch (3:23)

Credits on cassette:


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Notes & details:

Tracks 1 to 4 were later released as "Haunted Chateau Rehearsals" (one long 13 min. track) on Camembert Eclectique cd.

- Stoned Innocent Frankenstein Jam: not yet the song but including the intro riff and 5/8 coda.
- Hello There
: basically the notes from "Camembert" coda repeated over and over, and "Three Blind Mice" quote.
- Tropical Fish
: just the beginning of the song, fading soon and cut after "It's like that back in Sydney" verse.
- Bloomdido's Rap: featuring not Bloomdido but Daniel Laloux.
- Dreaming It: 1st part is an instrumental rehearsal, 2nd live part also on
Mystery & History Of Planet G**G.
- Hypnotize Yer: same riff as on "Mr. Long Shanks".
- Mama Maya Mantrum
: "Hole in the morning" later part of "Blow Yr Trip" on You and on Floating Anarchy.
- Why Are We Sleeping
: "Perfect Mystery" end, unlisted between "Why Are We Sleeping" and "I'm your Fantasy".
- I Am Your Fantasy
: "The Sea" recited (partly in french) over "I Am Your Fantasy".
- Ali Ba Ba
: includes bits later in "Mr Longshanks" and "Perfect Mystery". Fades as "Waterloo" reprise is starting.
- Big City Cat
: unlisted intro, "Radio Gnome Prediction" and early "P.H.P.'s". On Live At Angers tape, longer here.
- Zero And The Spell Of The Good Witch
: "Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell". Also on Live At Angers tape.

Musicians: (*)

Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Didier Malherbe
Rachid Houari
Christian Tritsch
Daniel Laloux
(left March 1970)
+ possibly
Dieter Gewissler?
(left end of 1969)
Gerry Fields? (from Jan 1970)
Barre Phillips?
Tasmin Smyth?

Rehearsal tracks recorded somewhere between Dec 1969 and May 1970 - Normandy, FR Château Du Thiel.
Exact date unknown, reference from
Calyx website to Gong's winter stay at Chateau du Thiel.
Dates for live tracks (Side 1 track 5, 6, 7 & 8 and Side 2 tracks 1, 2, 3, 4) are unknown.

Side 2 tracks 5 & 6: Gong - Angers, France - Nov 8th 1972 (Confirmed by PlanetGong and Calyx websites)
(Daevid Allen, Gilli Smith, Didier Malherbe, Christian Tritsch, Diane Bond, Rob Tait)

No release date on cover, it appeared for sale on G.A.S. price list 1990.

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