"Gliss Bliss"



Cassette-only release
Total time: 61:46

Side 1: (30:53)

1) Gliss Pt 1 / Gliss Pt 2
2) Good Morning Sunshine
3) Gliss Pt 3

Side 2: (30:53)

1) Live Gliss
2) I Am Your Fantasy
3) Gliss
4) Revolution Song
5) I Am
6) Spirit

Credits on cassette:



D. Allen Glissando Works

Notes & details:

- Gliss Pt 1 / Gliss Pt 2: two long instrumental glissando pieces.
- Good Morning Sunshine: "Death Of Rock" poem intro + "Theme From Hashish To Ashes" (not N'Exist Pas).
- Gliss Pt 3: instrumental glissando drone, only present on this version of the tape; ends abruptly as side 1 ends.
- Live Gliss: "Wise Man In Your Heart"'s gliss coda.
- Revolution Song: aka "Rational Anthem" / "Change The World", mistitled on Magick Brother (Charly).
- I Am: Deya-Spring '77 with Gilli and Marianne Oberascher. Apparently same as on Happiest Time Of Your Life.
- Spirit: Deya - 1975-1976 with Euterpe, from Good Morning. "Love Is How Y Make It" (
Angels Egg) drum loop.

Side 2 tr. 1 to 5: Euterpe live Europe May-Jul 1976
(NOT London 1976-06-06 or Louveciennes, FR Festival 1976-06-19).

All else recorded at the Bananamoon Observatory, Deya on a TEAC 4 track.
No precise date for the Deya studio tracks on Side 1 (Banana Moon Observatory Studio in Deya, Spain 1975-79).
Produced by Daevid Allen.


Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth +
Tony Tree Fernandez (guitar)
Anna Camps (vocals)
Toni Pascual (keys/guitar)
Toni Ares (double bass)
Pepsi Milan (guitar)

(Lineup from PlanetGong website).

Gliss Bliss was originally released by GAS in 1979 appearing for sale on Essential Gas 1979 list.
This first issue - as other early GAS tapes - had no inlay cover, the cassette was housed in a plastic box which carried a handwritten sticker on the spine reading "D. Allen Glissando Works".
Early GAS cassettes had blue or purple labels with bubbles, moon and planets, handwritten titles and catalogue #.
Above is a picture of my copy.

Gliss Bliss was reissued in 1992 with slightly different content.
"Gliss Pt 3" is a unique piece only available here; although listed on cover, it's NOT present on the 1992 reissue.
The reissue added "Interview With Clive Williamson" and "Crocodile Nonsense Poem" which are NOT on this first version.

Studio gliss tracks on side 1 and Euterpe live section on side 2 are not available on any other official release.

Cassette sticker on spine




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