"Glastonbury Fayre"


OT 14

Cassette-only release
Total time: 64:22

Side 1:

1) Evidance (5:18)
2) Disco At The End Of The World / Woman's Place (6:24)
3) Robot Woman (5:28)
4) Machine Song (4:12)
5) The Sea (3:45)
6) Searching The Airwaves (7:44)

Side 2:

1) Military Procession (2:27)
2) Customs Man - Rapist (5:17)
3) Fire (2:38)
4) Chinese Puzzle (4:38)
5) Red Alert (3:25)
6) Stars (1:40)
7) Australia (4:56)
8) What's Going On (6:30)

Credits on cassette:

Live At Glastonbury Fayre 1981
OT 14
a Real Time recording

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape prohibited.

Notes & details:

Side 1 (except The Sea) and side 2 tracks 1 & 2 (Military Procession and Customs Man but not Rapist) were recently released as part of Glastonbury Festival 1979-81 cd on Voiceprint label. The rest of side 2 is still unavailable on cd.

- Evidance: a studio version of this tune is on Didier Malherbe & Yan Emeric's Melodic Destiny GAS tape.
- Disco
/Woman's Place: edited-dubbed on Glastonbury Festival 79-81 cd. Kay-Gees' "Who's The Man" quote.
- Machine Song: remake of "Digital Love", b-side of "Nuclear Waste" single.
- The Sea
: released (edited and with overdubs) on Robot Woman LP.
- Military Procession
: on Glastonbury Festival '79-81 cd as part of "Customs Man". Edited on Robot Woman.
- Customs Man-Rapist:
as Customs Man on Glastonbury 79-81. "Rapist" (not on cd) edited on Robot Woman.
- Fire: partly released on the
Robot Woman LP.

- Chinese Puzzle:
studio version on Histories & Mysteries of Planet Gong (Voiceprint only). Small cut halfway.
- What's Going On
: an instrumental studio version entitled "Driving" is on Malherbe & Emeric's Melodic Destiny.

Recorded June 21st 1981 live at Glastonbury CND Festival (June 19-21).
Mother Mong played on Sunday June 21st 1981, last day of the festival.
Sounboard recording, a few parts from this tape were used for "Robot Woman" LP.
Lineup is announced at the end (not appearing on cover).



Gilli Smyth
Harry Williamson
Dayne Cranenberg
Yan Emeric
Didier Malherbe
Guy Evans

Nik Turner

Some pictures of Mother Gong from this gig and more on Glastonbury1981 can be found on the UK Festivals website.

This release appeared for sale from Otter Songs on Whats Going On Gas 82 magazine.
My copy has yellow paper inlay, white Ottersongs labels (scans of my copy), no release date and no song titles.

Edited versions of The Sea, Military Procession, Customs Man, Rapist and Fire appeared on Robot Woman lp
(Butt 1981). The album was never released on cd.

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