"Gilli Smyth Live In USA 79"


(OT6 on GAS list)

Cassette-only release
Total time: 46:44

Side One: (24:47)

1) Robot Woman *
2) Dogs +
3) Stars +
4) Improvisation +
5) Pussy  +
6) Tropical Fish +

Side Two: (21:57)

1) Prostitute *
2) Love Poem +
3) Pebble +
4) Time Of The Goddess +
5) Dream Poem +
6) Interlude +
7) O K Man +
8) I Wish You No Harm +
9) The Well +
10) Absence +
11) In Between Us (Daevid)
12) City Glissing (NY with Fred Frith & George Bishop)

Credits on cassette:

Gilli Smyth Live In U.S.A. 1979

*=Hartford, Conn.
+=Kansas City.


Gilli Smyth - vocal & space whisper
Harry Williamson - gtr
Bill Bacon - drums
Bill Laswell - bass
Don Davis - fl+sax
Mark Cramer - Trombone,keyboards&synths

[NOTE: my copy of this tape, instead of the usual Ottersongs labels, has technical data from the company who mastered the cassettes (data in blue added by hand). The title is handwritten in blue felt-pen by Gilli Smyth (scan from my copy below)]:

A high quality Master Tape Copy recorded in 'Real Time' by TRIPLE 'M' RECORDINGS Tel 0278 55562

Length C 50 / I 7/8 X / Dolby B X / Side 1 - Side 2 / Stereo - Mono

All rights of the recording company and of the owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying of this tape record prohibited.

Cassette labels

Notes & details:

- Robot Woman: early version; quite different from later Robot Woman album version.
- Dogs
: one of the "The Three Tongues" chapters (Fairy Tales). Instrumental-only theme (no usual band intro).
- Stars: aka "Brothasister Invocation", a poem on Live Floating Anarchy, not Robot Woman's omonimous track.
- Improvisation:
an instrumental version of "Dreaming It" (aka as "Ok Man This Is Your World" on Gilli's Mother).
- Pussy: "Witch's Song - I Am Your Pussy" ("Thank you Kansas...").
- Tropical Fish
: NYGong. Also on Daevid Allen Live In USA 79 GAS tape. Impro middle part & coda, no "Selene".
- Prostitute
: "Prostitute Poem" (Street Version).
- Love Poem: published on "The Nitrogen Dreams Of A Wide Girl", Gilli's first book.
- Pebble: "What a surprise" verse is also on "Perfect Mystery" (You) and "Princess Dreaming" (Magick Brother).
- Time Of The Goddess:
"Brothasister Invocation" (same poem as "Stars"), not the omonimous track on Mother.
- Dream Poem:
"I Am Your Fantasy". Includes another unlisted poem ("...Between the thinking...").
- O K Man
: Gilli Smyth's version of "Dreaming It" (see "Improvisation" above).
- The Well:
aka "The Other Side Of The Tower" on "The Nitrogen Dreams", verses became part of "Tried So Hard".
- Absence:
published as "The Gone World" on "The Nitrogen Dreams Of A Wide Girl".
- In Between Us:
Daevid's poem. Also on Daevid Allen Live In USA 79, where it includes "Jealousy" (unlisted).
- City Glissing: announcement and heavy breathing from "Rapist" then cuts to "Brothasista Invocation" poem.
   A different edit is on Daevid's Alien Going Over The Top (1979 version only) and N.Y. Ding Dong
GAS tapes.

This cassette appeared for sale from Ottersongs - GAS on Gong Moving On 1981 magazine.
My copy has yellow inlay card, white Triple 'M' Recordings labels and shows no release date or catalogue number.

It was reissued on cassette (G.A.S. GL7) but never released on LP or CD.

1979 April 19 Hartford, CT (USA), Trinity College [New York Gong] (Source: Calyx website).
Kansas City, MO gig May 5th 1979, the day before Lawrence Manifestival (source: Rick Chafen, show organizer).
"City Glissing" is from October 8th 1978 - New York City, NY (USA) - Zu House ("Zu 13 Hour Manifestival").

Mother Gong lineup at 1978 Manifestival:

Gilli Smyth (vocals)
George Bishop (sax)
Bill Laswell (bass)
Michael Beinhorn (synth)
Chris Cutler (drums)
Fred Frith (guitar)

(Source: PlanetGong).

Here's what Brian Abbott (who ran GAS after Harry Williamson & Gilli Smyth left) wrote about this edition in a recent e-mail:

"This must have been original stock that I inherited from Gilli and Harry. These were the first run as far as I can tell. Triple M were the company that did the reproductions. We then later released a whole new batch of new titles and with them came the 'ottersongs' label. So that version of live in the usa is a first edition".




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