From "Essential GAS" 1979

The numbers for the 1979 era GAS tapes were:

1) Bright Space (formerly Uptown Top Ranking) (c90)
2) Gliss Bliss (c60)
3 ) Rock Real n Raw Planet Gong 77 (Baba Back Sheep?) (c60)
4) Alien Over The Top (c90)
5) You Do / Don't Have To Give Up Dope (c60)
6) NY Ding Dong / No Ganja Reggae (c60)
7) The Truth (c90)
8) Waterfalls In Space (c60)
9) Hillage Glastonbury Experience (c60)
10) Mother Gong Live At Glastonbury (c60) *

* (this was not available from GAS for some reason)

List above is from the "Essential GAS" list with the festival info for August 79 on it...

Note: These early GAS tapes have no inlay card cover, just plain cassettes with purple & white or blue & white labels and handwritten titles.

Thanks to Martin Goodwin for the info on this page.




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