"Dr God"


No catalogue #
(OT23 on GAS Catalogue)
Cassette-only release
Total time: 39:23

Side A: (21:33)

1) Prayer
2) Dream
3) Dr God
4) Thongs

Side B: (17:50)

1) Lipstick
2) Angels
3) Spiders
4) Barbie
5) The Job
6) Melbourne Living
7) Mutilation
8) Matrimony
9) Guppies
10) Prayer

Credits on cassette:

Dr God
Readings by Carmel Bird

Production and Engineering Harry Williamson

Notes & details:

This self produced tape appeared for sale from Carmel Bird's address on GAS Magazine (1985 Australian issue).
No GAS or Ottersongs logo appear on cover. My copy came from Carmel Bird with hand colored cover
A short story by Carmel Bird entitled "Dr. God" was published as part of "Angels Of Power"

(Spinifex Press, Australia, 1991).

Australian poet Stephen Whiteside about Carmel from a private 2009 email:
I remember when she first arrived on the "Street Poets" scene. She made a huge impression. It was about the time she launched "Dr God", and she did it in grand style. As I recall, the chosen venue was "Living Room", and she had a whole plan of how she wanted the place decorated for the "occasion" ( for "occasion" it indeed became!). We spent quite a lot of time together for a while. I remember traipsing to a community radio station above a pub in St Kilda with her and a number of other poets once. Another time, I was listening to another community radio station while driving along in my car, and suddenly Carmel came on, reading one of my poems! That was a great thrill.




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