"Bright Space"



Cassette-only release
Total time: 89:48

Side 1: (46:27)

1) Intro
2) Searching For The Spark
3) Octave Doctors
4) Getting Better
5) The Salmon Song
6) Radio
7) Palm Trees

Side 2: (43:21)

1) Light in The Sky
2) Hurdy Gurdy Man
3) Lunar Musick Suite
4) Solar Musick Suite
5) Unidentified
6) U.F.O. Over Paris
7) Activation Meditation
8) The Glorious Om Riff

Notes & details:

- Intro: unknown music (on Battiato's Mademoiselle Le Gladiator '75) + Aftaglid & Saucer Surfing bits on PA.
- Searching For The Spark: starts as music on P.A. is still playing. "Master Builder" om riff quoted.
- Getting Better: "We'd like to do a very little - happy little song for all the people who enjoy the springtime".
- Palm Trees: cut abruptly with end of side 1.
- Light in The Sky: starts missing the first seconds. Ends quoting "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" theme.
- Hurdy Gurdy Man: ending guitar solo played over chords later to become backing of "Getting In Tune"'s chorus.
- Lunar Musick Suite: the intro theme is not played here.
- Solar Musick Suite: only the final verse ("SunSong" Reprise) with closing solo played on the opening riff.
- The Glorious Om Riff: Steve Hillage's own instrumental rendition of "Master Builder".

This cassette was released by GAS in 1979 as part of the first batch of tapes and appeared for sale on
Essential Gas 1979.
Image above is not the tape cover but a music paper ad for "Green".
The early GAS tapes had no covers and were housed in a plastic box with handwritten sticker with title on the spine.
Unlike many other Gas tapes, this was not reissued in later years and it remains unreleased on other formats to this day.

A good stereo recording of a "Green" era show with the new band playing songs from all the LPs Steve had released until then.

Essential Gas 1979 lists this release as "formerly Uptown Top Ranking";
I have no info on Uptown Top Ranking (possibly an earlier GAS issue of the same tape?)
Mail me if you have details on this.

Note: The Motivation Radio/Green demos circulating among collectors on CDr copies of this title ARE NOT on this tape.

Date and Lineup:

Live at the Brighton Top Rank Ballroom on Friday, May 5th 1978 on the Green Tour (source: Vincent Egan, who attended the show).
This show is UNLISTED on PlanetGong and Calyx websites.

"How many people find the Top Rank a totally oppressive place? ...You don't like Top Ranks...Well the reason why we're playing here is because there's no seats and we really like it if people move about to the music".


Steve Hillage (guitar & vocals)
Miquette Giraudy (keyboards & vocals)
Christian Boulé (guitar)
John McKenzie (bass)
Andy Anderson (drums)




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