"Back Door Ballads"


(OT21 on GAS Catalogue)

Cassette-only release
Total time: 50:46

Alpine Side:

1) Ernie The Macho Butterfly (3:16)
2) We All Had A Very Good Time (3:12)
3) Come Walk With Me (1:53)
4) Don't Knok The Donna * (2:29)
5) Omeo (2:11)
6) Giles (1:02)
7) The High Country (3:24)
8) The Ballad Of Bill Spargo (3:08)
9) Vengeance Mountain 1943 (3:08)

Other Side:

1) The Ostrich Song * (3:59)
2) I Was Born An Irishman (2:01)
3) Lime, Lime, Lime (2:41)
4) The Fruit Song * (3:28)
5) A Walk In The Big Smoke (5:31)
6) The Humpack Whale Song * (1:50)
7) The Human Rescue Service (2:35)
8) History's Witnesses (1:58)
9) The Port Melbourne Beach Song * (3:00)

Credits on cassette:

Stephen Whiteside
Back Door Ballads

This album is the result of two long-standing passions: one, a deep commitment to spoken word and verse; the other, a fascination with the Victorian alpine region and to only a slightly lesser extent, with all other parts of Victoria, the coastline and the city of Melbourne itself. There is a whole world of wonder outside our own back door!

* Fiddle, mandolin and guitar played by Louis McManus.
Cover photo courtesy 'The Australian'.
Many, many sound effects kindly provided by the ABC.
Recorded by Norm James at C'est Ca Studios, C'wood, 1983.
All enquieries: ring (03) 259 9415
All poems and song lyrics Stephen Whiteside.
All tunes traditional.

Any unauthorized broadcasting of this material constitues an infringement of copyright 1983.

Notes & details:

- Omeo: this poem was also published in Stephen Whiteside's Early Poems And Songs (S. Whiteside, 2008).

This was a self produced tape sold in GAS Merchandise Catalogue 1988.
No GAS or Ottersongs logo appearing on cover.
I got my copy on cd from Stephen Whiteside.

Here are some words from Stephen about this cassette (personal email 2008):
"Back Door Ballads", was never a part of Ottersongs. In fact, I had never heard the phrase until you used it today. It was an independent release. I do have very fond memories of Harry and Daevid, though...
I'm thinking that now, 25 years after its original release, might be a good time to re-release it on CD.




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