"Ba Ba Blacksheep"


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Cassette-only release
Total time: 62:19

Side 1:

1) Physcological Overture (1:38)
2) Floating Archive (5:16)
3) I Am Your Animal (12:19)
4) I Am Your Fantasy (3:27)
5) Pretty Miss Titty (2:31)
6) Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (4:03)
7) I Am The Rapist (2:15)

Side 2:

1) New Age Transformation (12:06)
2) Ba Ba Blacksheep (12:42)
3) Only Make Love When You Want To (6:02)

Credits on cassette:


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Notes & details:

- Physcological Overture: "Psychological Overture"; no RGI intro, the one on Floating Anarchy LP was dubbed.
- Floating Archive: "Floating Anarchy". Spoken part in the middle is recited by Daevid in french.
- I Am Your Animal: also with "Dynamite"; includes "Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes" after tape cut; speed issues.
- I Am Your Fantasy: starts with the "The Sea" poem recited by Gilli in french.
- Pretty Miss Titty: recording cut just before the second verse.
- I Am The Rapist: poem recited by Gilli in french and english; fades out before end.
- New Age Transformation: Gilli's "Brothasista Invocation" poem at start (then fade-cut). No "No More Sages".

- Ba Ba Blacksheep: Daevid sings in french on intro. Fades out during guitar solo before "Mama Maya Mantram".
- Only Make Love: Daevid solo from 1978
Gong Xmas Party, with usual Here & Now's "Zero Theme" coda.

No info on date, venue and line up on the cover.

All except side 2 tr3 recorded in Brest, FR on Nov. 22nd 1977
(source: Dave Weller's website, date confirmed by Calyx).
Side 2 track 3 ("Only Make Love") is from the Dec. 19th 1978 Gong Xmas Party at the London Electric Ballroom.


Daevid Allen - guitar & vocals
Gilli Smyth
- vocals
Steffie Sharpstrings
- guitar
Keith Th' Bass
- bass
Kif-Kif Le Batteur
- drums
Gavin Da Blitz
- keyboards
Suze Da Bluze
- vocals
Anno Wombat
- vocals
(source: Planet Gong lineup Summer 1977 to Spring 1978 from PlanetGong website)

No release date appearing on cover, it appeared for sale on G.A.S. price list 1990.

The material on this tape is not available elsewhere so it is still an essential addition for Here & Now - Planet Gong collectors.

This live set was recorded two weeks before the Toulouse show captured on the Live 1977 Floating Anarchy best seller.
It is interesting to note that for the Planet Gong 1977/78 tour Daevid Allen resorted to his repertoire prior to the Camembert Elecrique Gong (Pretty Miss Titty, Innocent Frankenstein, Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes), something he had already tried with the Euterpe-Catalunatics experience.




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