"Alien Going Over The Top"



Cassette-only release
Total time: 92:09

Side 1: (46:10)

1) Glad Stoned Buried Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory
2) Hipnotize Yer
3) I Am The Fool
4) Breakthrough Interview
5) Blonde Women
6) Radio Gnome
7) Captain I Am
8) Deya Rap
9) Have You Seen My Friend?

Side 2: (45:59)

1) N.Y. Intermeadiate Theatre Interview
2) Rapist
3) People Poem
4) Master Builder
5) Opium For The People
6) I've Bin Stoned Before
7) Mr Long Shanks: Oh Mother
8) First Softs Interview
9) Reelin & Squealin
10) Ya Sunne
11) We Gotta
12) Ooby Scooby Dooms Day

Credits on cassette:



D. Allen Outtakes

Notes & details:

- Glad Stoned Buried Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory: side 4 of Glastonbury's Revelations 3lp set 1972.
- Hipnotize Yer: side B of Garçon Ou Fille, Gong's first single. Later on Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes.
- I Am The Fool: Sung in catalan, Deya. Preceded by Ivor Cutler's "If Your Breasts" from 1975 Velvet Donkey lp.
  Different from Mother & Tape Works, same
Angels Egg Moerlen loop basic track; ends with bit of Riot 1971.
- Breakthrough: After April 1975 (Allen & Blake had left Gong). Shorter on
Mystery & History Of Planet G**G.
- Blonde Women: by Marlene Dietrich (late 20's - early 30's), preceded by unknown fragment.
- Radio Gnome: Peel session '74, same as on
Live Etc and Pre-Modernist Wireless. Fades shortly before end.
- Captain I Am: from Arthur Brown Kingdom Come's 1972 unreleased
Kingdom Come album.
- Deya Rap : lecture (Robert Graves)? Preceded by unknown fragment, recorded along Breakthrough interview.
- Have You Seen My Friend?: same version as on Good Morning? Ends abruptly as tape on side 1 runs out.
- NY Intermeadiate Theatre Interview: announcing Zu Manifestival '78. Not on reissue; also on NY Ding Dong.
- Rapist: Village Voice's Robert Christgau speech and Daevid's reply. Mother Gong; with "Brothasista Invocation".
  Also on
New York Ding Dong GAS tape; a different edit is on Gilli's Gilli Smyth Live In USA 79
GAS tape.
- People Poem: also on Daevid Allen Live In USA 79 and NY Ding Dong. "Ooby Scooby Dooms Day" coda.
- Master Builder: also on New York Ding Dong GAS tape. Fades out.
- Isle Of Everywhere: Also on New York Ding Dong GAS tape. Fades out.
- Opium For The People: french version on
Mystery & History, followed by unknown frangment (R. Graves?).
- I've Bin Stoned Before
: same version as on Camembert Electrique.
- Mr Long Shanks: Oh Mother
: same version as on Camembert Electrique.
- First Softs Interview: Soft Machine 1967 BBC Home Service. O
n Histories & Mysteries of Planet Gong
- Reelin & Squealin: Soft Machine 1967 BBC Home Service. O
n Histories & Mysteries Of Planet Gong
- Ya Sunne: preceded by unknown fragment (Mr Sun).
Camembert Electrique coda with "Wet Cheese Delirium".
- We Gotta: no info. Followed by a fragment from Arthur Brown's "Captain I Am" (see above).
- Ooby Scooby Dooms Day: Different mix from
Live Etc.
  Followed by "poets are crazy" fragment (on

This cassette was originally released by GAS in 1979 appearing for sale on Essential Gas 1979 list.
One of the main features of this tape was Gong side from Glastonbury Revelations 3lp set, at the time unavailable elsewhere.
No tracklisting or credits on label.

It was reissued in 1993 as Alien Goes Over The Top in a shorter and very different version.

The first issue included many tracks which are not on the later version; they are:
Have You Seen My Friend? / N.Y. Intermeadiate Theatre Interview / Rapist / People Poem /

Master Builder / Isle Of Everywhere / I've Bin Stoned Before
/ Mr Long Shanks: Oh Mother /
First Softs Interview
/ Reelin & Squealin / Ooby Scooby Dooms Day.
Some of these tracks can also be found on NY Ding Dong GAS tape.

The reissue included a couple of tracks which are not on this 1979 version: Selene and Flying Teapot Scroll.

This first issue - as other early GAS tapes - had no card cover, the cassette was housed in a plastic box which carried a handwritten sticker on the spine reading "D. Allen Outtakes".
Early GAS tapes had blue (as in this case) or purple labels with bubbles, moon and planets and handwritten titles and catalogue number.

Cassette sticker on spine




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